Both guys and girls love how the character of Emily, played by Shay Mitchell, dresses on “Pretty Little Liars.” Costume designer Mandi Line says it’s the mix of comfortable and edgy that appeals to both sexes.

“I based her off one of my high-profile lesbian club promoter friends,” Line says. “Really edgy ripped jeans, multiple bracelets, the flannel. Still true to her comfortable side – no heels – but going a little bit darker, which to me is sexier. And ripped jeans and combat boots.”

Emily hasn’t really told anyone she is gay, but the star athlete has begun dressing with more of a lesbian flair.

“Since I’ve been here she’s come out of the closet,” Line says. “It comes with self-expression, which you can do through your clothes. Once you get the freedom of being who you are, you let go of rules and regulations.”

Emily layers up a lot, and Line shops for her at Alternative Apparel, AllSaints, Puma, Adidas and American Eagle. Cargo jackets and really cool scarves are two favorite items.

Line describes dressing the different sides of Emily:

1. “When Emily wears a T-shirt, it’s off the shoulder. Jeans are nice and tight. It’s kind of a masculine touch. Nothing is too tight or girly. She doesn’t do pinks or reds. Nothing is hotter than a wife beater and motorcycle boot. I love how Emily dresses. And she’ll throw a flannel over it.”

tvfashsm925 'Pretty Little Liars' TV Fashion: Emily's style
2“The thing about a dive coat is that it’s nothing I chose; it’s something true to the sport of swimming. Blue is the color of Rosewood. It’s Speedo, and it’s functional. It’s what they wear when they get out of the water to keep them warm. The art department gave us a logo for the Rosewood Sharks, and we sent it out to get printed.”

tvfash2sm925 'Pretty Little Liars' TV Fashion: Emily's style3. “This is actually a Halston dress that we pulled for the shoot. What’s good about shoots and Emily is that the character is so sporty we never get to do elegant with her. We were able to bring out who Shay is. Shay’s a vixen, and she’s stunning. It was a chance for me to show off how great you can make a shift dress look. Halston has the vibe of Samantha on “Sex and the City,” and Shay has that in real life. It was the intricate beading that really made it stand out. We paired it with a nice pair of nude shoes to make her legs look longer. We added just one bad-ass ring because you don’t need any other jewelry with all that beading.”

tvfash3sm925 'Pretty Little Liars' TV Fashion: Emily's style
Posted by:Monique Marcil