pretty little liars alison  'Pretty Little Liars': Were Alison and Jenna friends?“Pretty Little Liars” only has two episodes left before its mid-season break and Alison’s memorial seemed to put lot of things in motion. But before we get to the memorial, let’s discuss the other entanglements our girls found this week.

Emily found out her dad is coming home from Afghanistan, which is awesome. Except she’s afraid to tell him about Maya, which is not awesome. Emily and Maya finally went on an actual date and color us surprised that the show had them full-on making out in a movie theater. Well done, show.

Aria is still Ms. Mopey regarding Mr. Fitz — not even new hottie Noel could distract her out of her funk. But his promises to keep trying give us an interesting conundrum. Who do we like more, Ezra or Noel? That’s tough.

Hanna and Lucas grew closer, which we loved. Team Lucas here at Zap2it. Brendan teases to us that there’s a good Hanna-Lucas cliffhanger coming in the last couple episodes. We can hardly wait.

Not much was happening with Spencer this week, relationship-wise, but she sure got the brunt of Alison’s brother Jason’s ire. Apparently Ali told him all about the Jenna Incident. Except she blamed it on Spencer! Ugh.

Jason also hounded Officer Wilden to step up the investigation. He seems particularly interested in Emily, but Bryce Johnson (Officer Wilden himself) teases that Aria may be getting a closer look too.

And finally, what is up with Alison and Jenna? Were they friends? Why does Jenna think Ali was so strong? Who planted the Alison friendship bracelet? And who was smashing the Alison memorial to pieces at the end?

Just as an aside — was there a small “moment” between Byron Montgomery and Ashley Marin? Did we imagine that?

And what was up with no previews for next week? OMG, Liars. Did that make anybody else mad?

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