pretty little liars ezra is a summer finale season 4 'Pretty Little Liars': Why Ezra is not 'A'“Pretty Little Liars” dropped seemingly dropped a huge bombshell during its Season 4 summer finale Tuesday night (Aug. 27) when Ezra Fitz was shown inside what appears to be “A’s” lair in Ravenswood, angry about something.

Naturally, the whole world is jumping to the conclusion that Mr. Fitz is the big A, the puppet master. But we aren’t so sure and here’s why:

1. Motive

Sure, sure — “it’s the millennium, motives are incidental.” But seriously, if Ezra is “A,” the show has some serious dots to connect. People all over the internet are saying that his motive is that he got Ali pregnant because he’s “board shorts” or the “beach hottie.” But remember, Ali being plagued by “A” predates the summer in Cape May. So while he could be “A,” who then seduced Ali in Cape May, that’s not his underlying motive.

What happened so far back — when the girls were, what, sophomores? — to make Ezra start tormenting Ali? If he is “A,” then surely there is an explanation, but so far, we have been given no grounds to suspect him in this regard — no connection to Ali that would make us think he wants to torment her and her friends.

2. We know too much about him

Mr. Fitz has this whole past life that has been firmly established on the show. He dated Maggie in high school, Jackie in college, proposed to Jackie in Italy — and he’s only supposed to be fresh out of college when PLL started (i.e., when he met Aria and the “A” texts began for the Liars). It doesn’t make a ton of sense that he also managed to fit in being “A” prior to when he comes to Rosewood High to start teaching.

Also, early on in his relationship with Aria, Ezra sees a text from “A” and breaks up with Aria because he thinks she told someone about them and she’s not mature enough to handle their relationship. That right there is highly indicative that he is not “A” because it serves no purpose. Assuming that text is from himself (or Mona, at his behest) if he IS “A,” then why would he react that way? It isn’t even a misdirect because until he dumps her, Aria has no idea he saw the message. It’s not like he saw it in front of her and had to cover for himself by pretending to get mad about it.

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3. The final scene in the summer finale is highly open to interpretation

That final scene merely shows Ezra inside the supposed “A” headquarters and assuming he’s “A” assumes a lot about that place and the scene. First off, who’s to say that’s “A’s” lair? Maybe it’s Red Coats’ lair — maybe Ali and Cece Drake have been holed up there trying to figure out who “A” really is. We don’t know for sure that Red Coat is working with “A” — maybe Red Coat is working against “A.”

Secondly, Ezra says nothing in that final scene. He looks around and slams the armoire door. That is easily explained by saying that he followed the girls to Ravenswood and was angry about what is in the lair. He knows about Mona as “A,” so it stands to reason that he would be angry to find out someone is still targeting Aria and her friends.

4. The show does fake-outs all the time

First Mona was “A,” but then she wasn’t really “A.” Then Toby was working on the A Team, but not really. Then Spencer was on the A Team, but not really. Fakeouts are this show’s bread and butter. What better way to fake everybody out than to have a long-standing (and much loved) character “revealed” as “A” during a summer finale?

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5. This would change the whole context of the show

We’re not saying it can’t be true — of course it could be. But if Ezra is “A,” then that means the show is suddenly about a creepy, adult male predator who preys on young girls. Now, one can argue that the Ezra/Aria relationship has been icky from the start (and it kind of has been, because she’s his student and underage), but the show was very careful not to have them sleep together until she was a senior and of the age of consent in the state of Pennsylvania.

If Ezra is “A,” that sends the entire Aria/Ezra relationship to a really dark place, especially if he was involved with Alison before Aria — he goes from an older guy with some maybe inappropriate feelings for a mature student to an actual predator. Would the show really go that dark?

And if he HAS been “A” the whole time, why would the show wait for him to sleep with Aria until she was older? If he was this creepy predator who targets young girls, why would the show care that much to wait? The character certainly wouldn’t care to wait, one assumes.

6. Would they really reveal “A” this early?

PLL has been renewed through Season 5. That means we at least have next spring’s backhalf of Season 4, then next summer, then spring 2015 — and the popularity of this show makes us think it’ll go on longer than that. Would they really reveal the big “A” this early?

So, what, are we just going to watch Ezra torment the girls for the next 1.5 seasons? That’s no fun. It might be interesting for a while, but not for the next 36 episodes. Ali’s murder and Red Coat are a good mystery, but also not 36 episodes worth of material. It just does not make sense to reveal “A” this early.

It also would be entirely lame if Ezra is revealed to be another “A” helper, a la Mona. Been there, done that.

Which makes us firmly convinced that this will all turn out to be a cliffhanger red herring. What do you think? Be sure to check out our interview with Ian Harding about whether Ezra really is “A” or not.

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