yani-gellman-PLL.jpgYani Gellman has really burst onto the “Pretty Little Liars” scene as Officer Garrett Reynolds. Garrett first seemed like an ally for the Liars, then he was clearly romancing the suspicious Jenna Cavanaugh, now there’s a new wrinkle with him and (gasp!) Melissa Hastings. Gellman tells Zap2it that’s been his favorite part about his character.

“I’m having such an amazing time playing this character. He’s in the
middle of what’s going on and it’s just been great to see multiple sides
of this mystery,” says Gellman. “Garrett’s in a very unique position to see this whole
thing unfold from multiple angles.”

However, even Yani himself is not all-knowing about the Season 2 finale coming up Monday night (March 19). He says the head honchos have been keeping a tight lid on things.

“I’m so excited … I’m dying to find out just like everybody else what happens in the
finale,” says Gellman. “Every time you assume something in this show, it ends up being
something else. So I’ve tried really hard not have any preconceived
notions where it’s headed. I have an idea, but the producers were very
secretive, even with the cast members. So I’m waiting to see what
happens just like everyone else.”

But he can tease a few things, such as what is going on with Garrett and Melissa.

“You’re gonna have to tune in to the final episode to find out exactly
what the nature of their relationship is. There’s definitely something
there that will be revealed,” says Gellman. He also will neither confirm nor deny that Garrett is the father of Melissa’s baby.

When we last left Garrett in Rosewood, he was being arrested after Jenna turned in the autopsy page to the police. And previously, we saw “A” plant someone’s badge (and we suspect it’s Garrett’s). So just how many people are out to frame him?

“Who’s framing who is the question,” teases Gellman. “There might be multiple parties going after each other at this point, trying to set each other up.”

As for the “A” mystery, we know from speaking with executive producer Marlene King that the audience and the Liars find out who “A” is together. But we were curious if Garrett finds out who “A” is. But Gellman is locked up tighter than Fort Knox.

“Ummm….. [laughs] I’m dying to say, but I think they’d have me arrested for real if I actually told you that,” says Gellman. “Garrett definitely knows a lot about who A may or may not be.”

One thing we’ve always been curious about regarding “A’s” identity is whether “A” and Alison’s murderer are the same person – and those plots might come to a head in the finale.

“I think what the show’s been really great about is intertwining the different storylines. Everything that happens in Rosewood is somehow connected to what’s happened before,” says Gellman. “I think that those two plotlines will almost certainly intersect in some way. A lot comes together in the finale. Exactly what plotlines crash head-on, you’ll have to tune in to find out.”

Argh! Not enough information! But really, only one more day, Liars fans. And then we can start salivating over Season 3 details. Speaking of which, Gellman cannot confirm his involvement in Season 3, but we asked him hypothetically what he’d like to see for his character moving forward.

“Having just been arrested, I’d like to see my character get his day in court more than anything else. Every cause has an effect in Rosewood, every action has a consequence and now that I’ve been arrested, there’s going to be consequences to that with my character,” says Gellman.

We can’t wait to see how it all plays out. “Pretty Little Liars” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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