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“Nikita” star Lyndsy Fonseca is a class act. And though we were sad to see the one-time contender for the role as Katniss in the upcoming “Hunger Games” adaptations fall out of the running, at least she’s got a good attitude about it.

Promoting her part in John Carpenter new horror flick, “The Ward,” Fonseca tells Movieline about the casting process and that she actually got pretty far in the auditions.

“I went to [director] Gary [Ross’s] house and read with him,” she says. “He’s just a lovely man. You know, there were just a few of us girls by that point and Gary has a studio in his house, we worked on it for a little bit. But I was just lucky to get that far, to be honest.”

The role, which ultimately went to “Winter’s Bone” star Jennifer Lawrence, was one of the most sought after in recent memory. Fan campaigns started for dozens of actresses to get the part, but Fonseca was particularly championed — something she’s still quite flattered by.

“That was really, really, nice of everybody,” she says. “It was incredible.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell