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It’s no secret that the “The Price Is Right skews to an older, more out-of-touch crowd. Two of its contestants on a recent episode proved just how true this can be.

The item to get out of Contestants’ Row was a shiny new 16GB iPhone 6. The first contestant, Yorkquincia, studied the phone for a bit before offering her guess. Not to be outdone, the next contestant, Mark, pulled that jerk move that folks in Contestants’ Row are wont to do and offered his bid at $1 higher than Yorkquincia’s.

Needless to say, neither contestant’s guess was anywhere near a ballpark figure.

To put it in comparison, an iMac computer (not the phone, but an actual desktop computer) with Retina 5K display retails for $2,499.

The iPhone’s actual retail price (bundled with a year of unlimited talk, text, and data) was just north of $1,000, over $6,000 less than what Yorkquincia and Mark believed it to be.

Next time, let’s hope that Yorkquincia bids $1, no matter what the prize is.

Mark will, of course, bid $2.

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