keira knightley banned from pouting lips 'Pride and Prejudice' director bans Keira Knightley from pouting her lips

It’s always embarrassing when someone calls out one of your less-than-desirable habits. It’s even more embarrassing when they call you out publicly.

But that’s exactly what happened to Keira Knightley

The actress revealed on the “Graham Norton Show” on Friday (Jan. 24) that back in 2005, her “Pride and Prejudice” director Joe Wright actually banned her from doing one of her signature moves: Pouting her lips onscreen.

“I’ve got it out of my system,” Knightley says. “I didn’t know I did it so much, and Joe banned it from the film.”

But that doesn’t mean that Wright hates her pout. On the contrary, he actually requested it later when they were working together on her Chanel perfume ads. “Then, when we did the Chanel adverts he said, ‘You know that pout we banned? Can we have it back and as much as possible,'” Knightley says.

If it worked with Knightley, can we get someone to ban Kristen Stewart from biting her lip?

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum