“The View” has gone and done it again, giving viewers a reason to always expect the unexpected. Thursday (Dec. 9), right in the middle of a conversation about Joy Behar‘s wardrobe (they needed a change of topic anyway), out walks none other than Prince. Sherri Shepherd, in turn, nearly faints. 
The appearance was a surprise to all but Whoopi Goldberg, who only let Barbara Walters in on the secret a few hours before taping.
“Well, first of all, these are strange hours for rock stars,” Prince begins by saying. 
He tells the audience that he’s in New York City for a series of three concerts to be held at Madison Square Garden on Dec. 18, 29 and Jan. 18. 
“We have a wonderful series of concerts we’re doing here with a whole array of special guests and a band that plays like a jackhammer,” he announces. “You’ve gotta come check it out.” Which the co-hosts apparently will do, as he presented them each with two tickets to his Dec. 18 show. 
Sherri couldn’t help but turn into a love-struck teenage girl with her incredibly close proximity to the pop legend. It begins with a simple, “Prince could you just say ‘Sherri, I love you’?” To which he obliges. 
Then she gets her creep on.
Reaching for his black leather gloves, she asks, “Can I hold your glove?” Joy immediately rips it from her hand and returns the item to Prince, slapping Sherri lightly on her sticky fingers. 
No more than a few seconds later, up comes the word vomit.
“You don’t understand, Prince, I have wanted to make love to you for my whole life,” she blurts out.
And just like that, he shoots up from his chair and vanishes. Just as quickly as he arrived.  
We can’t help but laugh at the awkward hilarity. 
We are curious though, is Sherri is completely mortified following that encounter, or is she still basking in the fact that Prince not only spoke the words “Sherri, I love you,” but that it was documented on national television?
You can see the hilarious clip for yourself, below.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci