prince harry will ski to the south pole charity gi Prince Harry will ski to the South Pole for charity

One thing you have to say for Britain’s Prince Harry — he keeps busy. The prince, also a captain in his country’s Army Air Corps, will ski to the South Pole as part of the Walking with the Wounded South Pole Challenge this November.

Harry, who is the Walking with the Wounded charity’s patron, made the announcement that he planned to join the team’s trip on Friday (April 19). Although the prince had participated in the group’s North Pole challenge in 2011, this time he intends to go all the way to the Earth’s southernmost point, the Telegraph reports.

In order to make the trip, Harry will have to travel 208 miles on the Antarctic ice, pulling a 145-pound sled. Temperatures in Antarctica, even in the southern hemisphere’s summer, can regularly fall as low as 40 degrees below zero.

“As a member of the British team, I will have a brew ready for you when you join us at the South Pole,” Harry said as a taunt to the American and Australian/Canadian teams that would also be participating in the challenge. “We’re not officially allowed to call it a race, but I think we all know it will happen.”

Walking with the Wounded is a charity that raises money for physically and mentally injured members of the armed forces. The group retrains these veterans for civilian jobs when they cannot return to military service. The other members of Prince Harry’s British team are all amputees. The group has also climbed Mount Everest as part of its efforts to raise awareness.

Posted by:Laurel Brown