william kate married Prince William and Kate Middleton already adorably boring

Aw. That sure didn’t take long.

Less than a week after tying the knot if front of a feverishly attentive globe, Prince William and Kate Middleton (pardon us… Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) are settling into a decidedly low-key lifestyle.

US Weekly reports that, contrary to news of a jet-setting post-nuptial weekend, the couple remained in the United Kingdom after the wedding.

Following up royal confirmation that the two did not leave the country, the magazine cites a “royal insider” who says, “William and Kate spent their honeymoon weekend at home in Anglesey (Wales)… There were rumors that they were in various parts of Europe, but they actually just went home and stayed indoors the whole time. It was a cozy weekend.”

William returned to work as a search and rescue pilot May 3, but later in the month the two will take time off for an official honeymoon. Speculated destinations include Australia, Jordan, Kenya and the small West Indies island Mustique.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell