prince william flight suit Prince William deployment to Falklands called 'a provocative action' by ArgentinaPrince William has been deployed to the Falkland Islands off the coast of Argentina and the Argentine government is none too happy about it, despite Britain’s insistence that it is a normal military posting.

Max Foster, a correspondent for CNN International, says, “[Prince William is] posted to the Falklands, which is fairly standard. They do go through this and he wants to become a pilot, a fully-qualified one, so he’ll work towards that.”

“Britain says the sovereignty of the islands is non-negotiable. Argentina says these islands are part of [their] territory and they want to negotiate on this,” Foster continues. “When this was announced, about Prince William going over there, Argentina called it ‘a provocative act,’ so lots of very sensitive language.”

In addition to the deployment of the high-profile military man in Prince William, Britain has also dispatched the HMS Dauntless destroyer to the Falklands, though a Royal Navy spokesman tells the BBC, “The deployment of HMS Dauntless to the South Atlantic has been long
planned, is entirely routine and replaces another ship on patrol.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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