prince william flight suit Prince William rescues drowning teenager off the coast of WalesPrince William may be the actual real-life manifestation of Prince Charming, now that he’s got one damsel-in-distress rescue checked off his list of princely duties. William, who serves as a search and rescue pilot for the Royal Air Force (RAF), had just completed an exercise with his team when they got word of trouble off the coast of Wales.

According to CNN, a body-boarding teenager was caught by the undertow and pulled away from the shore, and though she was struggling to swim back, she was losing strength. When the alarm was radioed in, William and his RAF crew took the helicopter out and lowered a paramedic down to assist the girl, who was sinking under water at that point.

A younger friend of the girl had been rescued by a nearby surfer. Both were airlifted to a nearby hospital for treatment, and they’ll recover fully — with a great story for their friends.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie