prince william april 2011 gi Prince William's 30th birthday: Duke of Cambridge expected to inherit half of Princess Diana's estatePrince William turns the big 3-0 on Thursday (June 21), a milestone that means he’s now eligible to receive his half of the sizable inheritance left by his mother, Princess Diana, who died in a car accident in 1997.

According to London’s Telegraph, Diana left a net estate of nearly �13 million (around $20.4 million with today’s exchange rate) after an inheritance tax of �8.5 million was deducted. The paper estimates that the fund is likely to have grown to around �20 million — or $31.4 million — since then. William is entitled to half the estate, while the other half will go to his brother, Prince Harry, when he turns 30 on Sept. 15, 2014.

“Whatever the financial position might be, you will see no obvious change of lifestyle over the coming weeks or months,” a royal aide tells the paper. “There has been speculation about the Duke and Duchess having a house built but there are no plans for that at all. If the Duke decides next year to continue his Search and Rescue career, he might well have to move to another base, away from Anglesey, so the idea of a new house just isn’t on the radar at the moment.”

As for how the Duke and his wife, Kate Middleton, plan to celebrate his birthday, a St James’ Palace spokesman says, “He’ll be spending it in a low-key, private fashion.”  

Posted by:Jennifer Harper