Prison Break
keeps throwing up obstacles to Our Heroes — a minefield here, a rare brain tumor there, a far-too-smart hillbilly on the side. But apparently even if you die in a spectacularly unpleasant fashion, you can be sure you’ll leave a good-looking corpse.

Trapped in the captivity of spoilertivity.

The Breakouts mourn the passing of Bellick, and are appalled when they learn that Self wants to keep his body on ice instead of sending him home to his momma for a decent burial. Michael puts his foot down — Brad goes home for burial or you don’t get Scylla! Self agrees. Of course, Michael should probably expend a little less energy worrying about Brad’s corpse and a little more worrying about his own mortality — while he’s puzzling over the Bird Book Blueprints, he collapses. Before he does, he managed to figure out there’s a coded message to get more information from the man who drew up with blueprints, one David Baker. But Michael will have to outsource that errand — he has to go to the hospital.

While Michael and Sarah wait for a brain scan, Mahone tries to find David Baker, and Linc and Sucre explore the route to Scylla. Neither have a particularly good time. Mahone find that Baker is unwilling to help — he was just a freelancer! He doesn’t pay attention to politics! It’s not his fault! Then Company goons come calling, and Mahone has to make a break for it. Fortunately, Baker’s wife gives him the key to the plans, and tells him how to get away. He returns to Breakout HQ with the means of deciphering the plans.

Which is good, because while Linc and Sucre were checking out the room beyond the pipe bridge, Sucre stepped on — and armed — a landmine. If he moves, it goes boom. There’s a certain amount of (understandable) panic, and then Linc drags Gretchen, who is upstairs visiting T-Bag, down to the depths with him. She can try to disarm the mine, but only if Sucre moves a bit — and that might set the mine off. After more panic, Gretchen finally gets Sucre to agree to her plan, and is preparing to disarm the mine. Mahone bursts in just in time to stop her — if she tries to disarm the mine using conventional methods, it will set off an alarm in Scylla Central. Mahone finds the manual override and switches the mine off o Sucre can escape. This triggers even MORE panic, but eventually, it works.

Meanwhile, Trishann gives T-Bag the results on Gretchen’s fingerprints, and it ‘s a whole lot of nothing nefarious. She’s an expert equestrienne, an Iraqi war vet, but there’s no connection to Scofield, Burrows, Whistler… Wait, how do you know that last one? T-Bag asks. Trishann says she must have heard Michael say it before, but T-Bag is officially wigged out. He asks his boss, the world’s least suspicious man, to pull her employment records. This is a problem, because Trishann isn’t what she seems — she’s a Homeland Security Agent working with Don Self. She knows she slipped up, but she thinks everything will be fine. Or not — when T-Bag calls her reference number, Self picks up. T-Bag recognizes his voice. Doh!

Highlights, thoughts and odds and end

  • Michael and Sarah leave the hospital before Michael gets the diagnosis. It’s not good: He’s got a rare hypothalamic hamartoma, and if it’s no operated on immediately, he could die. Too bad he’s going to be busy stealing Scylla over the next couple of days…
  • With the legend for the plan, Michael can figure out what they have waiting for them in Scylla Central. It’s not good. There are no cameras in the room, but it’s riddled with weight sensors and microphones. But we’ll worry about the wall first, and then about crossing the floor, he says. "Without touching it," Sucre says in disbelief." "In silence," Mahone adds. Come on, guys — that just adds to the fun!
  • If Scylla Central doesn’t contain any cameras, what is The General watching on Evil Overlord Cam?
  • All of the breakouts pay tribute to Bellick in some way. Sucre seems most broken up by Bellick’s death, and he reveals that Bellick saved his life in Sona. Sarah gets misty-eyed over the time when Bellick asked her out to Red Lobster. Mahone takes the badge Bellick had filched from when they’d infiltrated the police benefit. And places it in the coffin.
  • I think T-Bag’s tribute is most authentic, because he uses his memory of Bellick to save hi own ass — to fake his way through a presentation on Gate.
  • When T-Bag is practicing his Gate presentation, Gretchen is incredulous. "Do people actually buy this nonsense?" Well, we do keep tuning in, so… yeah.
  • Perhaps it’s bad form for me to mention this, but shouldn’t Bellick’s body have been… grosser? I mean, he was drowned and battered to death. I surprised everything was still attached. They much have some damn good morticians at Homeland Security…
  • Gretchen’s full name is Gretchen Louie Morgan. In addition to the skills mentioned above, she also knows about noodling — the practice of diving down to a muddy riverbed and shoving your arm in a hole in hopes of catching a catfish. Either that, of you have your hand bit off by a snapping turtle. She proposes to make Michael the official Noodler of the Scylla catfish.
  • Gretchen wants Sucre to stop whining about the whole "stepped on a mine" thing — "I gave you a semiprofessional assessment," she says, and now they’ve got to man up and trust her. Somehow, "semiprofessional mine clearance" doesn’t seem like a great thing…
  • The Breakouts ask Gretchen to obtain the final card from The General. According to the previews for next week, this involves a naughty schoolgirl outfit. Oy.
  • You know Sucre is overcome with emotion when h breaks out the Spanish. It happens twice this episode– once when Self says he’s not releasing the body, and once when Gretchen tells him to shimmy over on the mine.
Posted by:Sarah Jersild