Prison Break
pulls the old bait-and-switch on us this week when one of the Breakouts gets nabbed. Plus, Gretchen gets down with her bad self, the Death Fairy attempts to be threatening, and Agent Don Self discovers it pays to carry a change of underwear.

It’s Sassy Spoiler, by a nose!

The guys continue their quest for all the Scylla cardholders, which this week takes them to a racetrack. That gives most of the guys the change to wear spiffy, horse-race-watching haberdashery. Alas, Mahone and Linc missed out on the good hats — Linc’s got a standard black baseball cap, and Mahone is bare-headed. The guys use Sarah’s boobs to plant a booby trap… OK, there were a couple of intervening steps — Sarah distracted a guard with her cleavage, which allowed Michael and Mahone to plant the Digital Black Hole in the manager’s office. Meanwhile, Linc casually strolls out onto the racetrack and places a device on the starting gate so one horse– the cardholder’s horse — gets stuck behind a sticky gate. The cardholder storms up to the manager’s office to complain, which is where Roland and his spiffy device siphon out the data. Piece of cake!

One small problem — they need to retrieve the device from the manager’s office. Fights break out after the abortive race, which brings the cops, so Michael has to scarper before he’s recognized. Poor hatless Mahone goes up to snag the device, but the guard comes back before he can get out, and this time Sarah’s boobs have lost their appeal. Mahone tries to find an alternate exit, but he’s intercepted. He punches out one cop, but a passel of other cops catch him. Doh!

Michael calls Self to get Mahone out of jail. Self promises he’ll "take care of it" — which does not necessarily mean he’ll get Mahone out. Self goes to the jail, throws is Homeland Security weight around, and presents Mahone with papers to sign. Those documents won’t secure Mahone’s release, however — they’ll just allow Self to take Mahone’s belongings, which include the Digital Black Hole. Later Self tells Michael that he can’t get Mahone released, but he can have him killed. Booo! Hiss! Bad Self!

Back at Breakout HQ, the team is torn — Bellick and Sucre say they’ve got to mount a rescue, while Linc and, eventually, Michael say the mission is too important. Bellick and Sucre aren’t stupid (well, Sucre isn’t) — they realize that this means ANY of them are expendable, and they’re not happy about it. Michael says there’s nothing they can do. Instead, it’s time to work on the fifth cardholder.

The General tries to get a tap on Self’s computer, but apparently The Company’s IT guys kind of suck. So The General sets the Death Fairy on Self’s tail. The Death Fairy confronts Self in a dark parking garage, and Self looks like he lost control of his bladder as he blusters his way out of the encounter. Self– you wimp! I’ll be GLAD when someone finally kills you! The Death Fairy sees the parking stub from the jail where Mahone is being held and finds Mahone. It looks like Mahone is doomed.

But wait! What’s Sarah doing at the courthouse, posing as Mahone’s lawyer? And is that Sucre in the back of the courtroom? Right when Mahone and the Death Fairy are looking like they’re about to lock horns, Michael uses the technique he was planning to use to overload the fifth cardholder’s security system to instead blow up the lights in the courtroom, and Mahone, Sarah and Sucre escape. The Death Fairy runs downstairs in time to see Mahone and Sarah drive away, but there are too many cops around for him to take a shot. Instead, he makes "Pew! Pew!" shooting gestures, which isn’t half as threatening as he wants it to be.

Back at Breakout HQ, Mahone calls the Death Fairy, who apparently had enough time to slip a note to Mahone telling him to turn himself in. The Death Fairy tells Mahone that killing his son wasn’t personal. "We’re going to meet again," Mahone replies. “And when we do, I’m going to show you just how personal things can get.” See? THAT’S how you intimidate someone! I hope you took notes, Death Fairy!

Satellite psychopaths
Meanwhile, Gretchen makes her bruised, battered and bloody way to a lovely suburban home, where her sister lives. Gretchen spins a story about her car breaking down in the desert to explain her bruises, but no one’s buying it. Gretchen retrieves a lovely ceramic owl she’d sent as a gift, then smashes it to reveal guns and money. Go Gretchen!

Gretchen tries to retrieve Whistler’s things at the coroner’s office, but the sympathetic  coroner won’t turn stuff over until Gretchen can prove she’s the dead man’s wife. So Gretchen bounces his head off the desk a few times and takes what she wants. That includes Whistler’s phone, which has a message from a real estate agent about Pfeiffer’s apartment.

Speaking of Pfeiffer… T-Bag is still trying to figure out the clues in the bird book. He discovers that the storage room off his corner office is significant for some reason, but before he can investigate fully, the toadying manager who hates him storms in and says he’s noticed several discrepancies in Pfeiffer’s reports — enough to look like fraud. T-Bag promises to straighten things out, then wipes down the office and runs like hell. He’s ready to flee the apartment when he’s cold-cocked by Gretchen, who then pins him to the floor with her four-inch stiletto heel resting on his throat. "Who the hell are you?" she spits. That sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends

  • Michael gives Sarah an appreciative leer when she sashays past him at the track. "Don’t get used to it," she whispers. Hee.
  • I love how Linc, this huge, hulking, dangerous-looking guy, can just blithely wander into secure locations, like the warm-up ring at the racetrack, without anyone noticing.
  • Bellick gets to put his belligerence and bad attitude to good use, serving as a distraction at the betting window. It was a role he was born to play.
  • Hey, The General has a last name! It’s Krantz.
  • Mahone throws out the number the Death Fairy gave him. Roland retrieves it. Come on, Mahone — don’t spies always eat the information they don’t want others to discover?
  • Gretchen has a daughter named Emily. She gave her sister custody, and Emily doesn’t know who her real mother is.
  • When Gretchen reveals her cache of guns and money, her sister asks her who she works for. "As of now?" Gretchen replies. "Myself." Whoo-hoo! Gretchen’s gonna kick some ass!
  • Self tells Michael about his visit from the Death Fairy. "I’m not a big fan of almost catching a bullet in my head," he says. "Well, now you know what it’s like," Michael replies.
  • I really liked the music cues they used when Mahone spotted the Death Fairy in the courtroom. That raw, ragged rising tone mirrored the rage and loathing on Mahone’s face. He looked like it was all he could do to not fling himself at the Death Fairy and try to beat him to death with his bare hands.
  • Sarah’s lawyer act had a purpose — she steals the Mahone’s file, and with it hid fingerprints. But wouldn’t they have already entered him into the system?
Posted by:Sarah Jersild