" is back, and things haven't gotten any better for Michael and the Breakouts. The Burrows boys are barely speaking to each other, Mama Burrows is up to something nefarious, and The General discovers that he can't trust everyone in his organization. And if you can't trust evil minions, who CAN you trust?

Breakouts West

Michael is still quite peevish that Linc threw his lot in with The Company. Therefore, he's not talking to Linc… except when he needs something. But the Company’s goons now have permission to shoot to kill, and the first thing they kill is Michael and Sara's car. So Michael makes a call to his brother:

Michael: Hi, I need help, but first, you suck! Company BAD, we need to destroy it, any contact with it is like unto rolling around in runny dog doo, and that means you stink.

: Dude, it's complicated, I did it to save your life and secure our freedom, and besides, why are YOU the only one allowed make improbably complicated plans and craft dubious alliances (cough T-Bag, Abruzzi, most of Soma, etc. cough) to save your brother? Not fair!

: Oh yeah? Well…. I'm telling mom! Who's alive! And you didn't know THAT, did you? Ha! See you soon, love you, bye!


Michael and Sara hitch a ride in the back of a semi, which is soon pulled over by a Company goon, who shoots the driver and takes the truck, Michael, Sara and all. Michael's mad structural engineering skillz force open a side door and give them the opportunity to dive from a moving vehicle. Um, yay? But they survive the leap unscathed and run away to a convenient abandoned-in-the-middle-of-nowhere industrial property. There's some cat-and-mouse action, but eventually Michael smacks the Goon upside the head, and he lands badly on a cinderblock. He lives long enough to spit out one integral piece of information — it wasn't The General who sent him! — and then dies before he can be interrogated further.

Breakouts East

Linc and the boys get an unwelcome surprise when The General delivers pictures of loved ones — LJ, Mahone's wife, T-Bag's mama, and Self's…random hot chick — to the team. Just a little extra incentive, he says.

The keys they lifted from the guy who shot Gretchen are mega high tech and exclusive, so they're able to track down a couple of locations. One of those locations is Mama Burrows' palatial manor, but she’s already gone. She leaves an old picture, though… which is actually a clue, leading Linc to a meeting place with mama.

Mama tells Linc that leaving them was the hardest thing, blah blah blah, and he's not buying it… at first. But eventually she gets Linc to listen to her pitch: The Company doesn't HAVE to be evil — the problem is it's run by an evil, war-happy guy right now! But what if it were run by a woman, a kind, nurturing figure, a mother…. Linc objects that her abandoning her kids doesn't speak well for her mothering abilities, but he still agrees to give her two days to put her plans in place.

T-Bag and Self investigate the other location, a storefront church in Little Havana, which turns out to be the hiding place for a cache of weapons and counterfeit security badges. There's a shoot out, and the guys run. They discover that the security badges are dated two days from now. Whatever Mama Burrows is planning, it involves lots of guns. But nurturing, motherly guns, I'm sure!

Linc tries to meet with Mama Burrows again to get the scoop, but no one is at their meeting place. Unsurprising, considering mama told him to stay away. What IS surprising is there's a sniper stationed on the roof, and he's got his gun trained on Linc. And at the end of the episode, Mama Burrows gives the order to shoot. She looks like she feels bad about it, though…

The Company

The General is enjoying a leisurely drive with minion Oren, who (shock!) isn't to be trusted! What's worse, he isn't terribly effective — he sabotages The General's seatbelt and then leaves him in the car, but the General has plenty of time to saw his way out with a handy waiter's tool before Oren blows up the car. The General does get a little singed, though — and he's PISSED.

Mama Burrows is bummed to hear that The General survived, and she has Oren killed. He's shocked that she would betray him… Oren wasn't really paying attention, was he? The General calls Mama Burrows, they spar, and IT'S ON! May I suggest a dance-off?

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends:

  • Self declines to reveal who the hottie in his threatening picture is. Come on, Self, share with the class!
  • The General to Linc about Michael's escape: "Apparently Michael's a little more headstrong than either of us imagined." You don't know the half of it, General.
  • The picture Mama Burrows leaves for Linc features a pregnant mom with Li'l Linc. Linc deduces it's faked, because the car is a ’78 and Michael was born in '76. You're the only one who could know that! Mahone tells him. Um, not really…
  • Michael shares a story from his childhood: For his sixth birthday, he was convinced his mom got him the Millennium Falcon (with battle alert sounds!), but instead she got him a birdhouse kit. He didn't speak to her for two days, but when she finally persuaded him to put it together with her, he loved it. It was the first thing he ever built.
  • Line of the Week goes to The General: "Excuse me if I sound a bit abrasive, but it's been a while since anyone tried to kill me."
  • The Breakouts are shocked to discover that Mama Burrows is the one who has Scylla. Mahone tells them that the optimal result would be to get Scylla WITHOUT killing Linc's mom … but if necessary, he'll pull the trigger.
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