I think she knows about my boyfriend's irrational fear of dolls and was messing with him. Heh heh.)

The Trio of Hotness
We kick it off with the trio of hotness (Lincoln, Self and Mahone — I've had a big thing for William Fichtner since "The Supremes") in Miami putting the screws to Sandinsky about Christina and Scylla. They are interrupted by The General, who was tipped off by T-Bag. The General gets Sandinsky to admit he's involved with Christina and gives our Hottie Trio ONE DAY to find Scylla. T-Bag is ousted from the Cool Kids group and left with The General.

The Trio ransack Christina's hotel room and I have a feeling the rifle shells that Lincoln touches in Act I are bound to go off in Act III. They track Christina to a safety deposit box at Dade-Miami Bank. At the bank, the Trio try to access Christina's safety deposit box but someone beats them to it and they give chase. The man in question is one of Christina's henchmen, who gets a call from Banarjee. If Banarjee can't talk to Christina before 5 pm, the deal is off.

As the chase persists, our Trio tracks henchman to the hotel hosting the energy conference. Back at Torture Central, T-Bag kisses The General's butt and The General informs him that T-Bag will be the one to kill Lincoln once they have Scylla. T-Bag also alerts The General to Banarjee's involvement and is forced to shoot Sandinsky (which he does).

Michael, Christina & Sara
Christina tracks Michael to a dock yard but he gets the drop on her and stuffs her in his trunk. At his place, they both agree that they don't want to see Lincoln working for The Company, nor do they want Scylla to fall into The Company's hands. She won't tell Michael anything so Sara takes a swing at her. Christina rattles her by knowing that Sara is pregnant and that Michael doesn't know.

Michael poses an offer to Christina that if she takes him to Scylla, she can walk away. She wages some psychological warfare about how Lincoln is not actually Michael's brother, as Sara eavesdrops from another room. Turns out Lincoln's parents were Company Folk and killed in an explosion. That's when Christina and Arthur took Lincoln in. Christina plays on Michael's "mom loves me better than you" guilt and Wentworth Miller chews some scenery yelling at her about Lincoln being more of a brother than she ever was a mother. He then drags her into the bathroom for a little mother-son water-boarding bonding.

Christina cracks, telling him where Lincoln is headed (the energy conference! Where else?). Michael takes off, leaving Sara with a gun in case Christina gets twitchy. Mommy Dearest is a busy little bee, as she MacGuyvers an escape using dental floss and a doorstop and a loud thud, disarming Sara and tying her up. Wow, Sara's kinda stupid.

Energy Conference
Our Trio, Michael, Banarjee and Christina all converge at the hotel. Banarjee offers $1 million in research to Christina and she accepts. During Banarjee's energy speech, he is sniped from a balcony and Lincoln is framed for it using the rifle shells with his prints.

Self and Mahone find a van full of their own passports and plane tickets. They are going to be set-up, with Lincoln, as the assassins. Michael finds Lincoln and tells him it was all Christina. Finally, Henchman delivers the safety deposit box contents to Christina and they drive off.

Are Michael and Lincoln going to end up right back where they started, in prison? That would be kind-of an awesome series finale, in a very Seinfeld way, but my spidey sense tells me they'll straighten it out and Christina will get hers. What do you guys think?

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