Hey guys! We’ve almost reached the happy ending on Prison Break! The Breakouts are thisclose to getting Scylla, which means soon they’ll be able to pursue shiny, happy lives without fear of prosecution. The rest of the season will be about Sarah and Michael’s wedding; Linc opening that dive shop on a beach and walking around shirtless a lot; Sucre and Maricruz living on their goat farm; Mahone finding out that his son wasn’t really killed, it was just a clerical error; T-Bag embracing his life as a motivational speaker; Gretchen becoming a schoolgirl stripper; and there will be puppies and rainbows and pie! It’ll be fun! Well, unless something goes wrong — but what are the odds of THAT happening?

Shhh! After we enter this room, no spoiling!

It’s time to go for Scylla — juuuuust as soon as the Breakouts overcome a few obstacles:

Obstacle 1: The Sixth Card.
Gretchen dresses up as a naughty schoolgirl and asks the General to meet her for some naked fun time. The General happily agrees — even though Lisa, the other woman on his staff, disapproves mightily. Apparently the General heeded Lisa’s warnings — he didn’t bring his card. He pulls a gun on Gretchen, and she begs for her life — I love you! I’m the mother of your child! The General lets her go, but only after threatening to shoot her on sight if she ever appears again.

Obstacle 2: Moving Day.
After Gretchen’s plan is thwarted, the General decrees that Scylla must be moved RIGHT NOW! That’s… not good. Fortunately, he needs all the cardholders there, and one of said cardholders is in Vegas. It’ll take him an hour or so to get there.

Obstacle 3: The Ticking Time Bomb in Michael’s Brain.
The doctor Michael consulted last episode agrees to operate, and swears he won’t contact he authorities. It has to happen today, and it will involve local anesthetic, drilling into Michael’s skull, something called a gamma knife that will poke 201 holes in the mass, and other unpleasantness. After multiple pep talks and/or interventions from Sarah, Linc and Mahone, Michael agrees. But Self delivers the news that Gretchen failed at her mission, and gives Michael something from Gretchen that makes him decide to put off the surgery and join with his boys. Sarah does what she can to reduce the risk of seizures, but she tells him he’s got to avoid physical and mental stress. Yeah, that.

Obstacle 4: The Defenses.
This is where we enter the mime portion of this episode’s entertainments. Everything has to be done veeeeeeeeeery carefully and veeeeeeeeeery quietly. The cunning plan involves umbrellas to catch debris from the holes they drill, an electromagnet to get through the steel-fiber-reinforced concrete wall, liquid nitrogen to cool down the temperature of the room and fool the sensors, a spiffy cantilevered support rig to allow them to avoid the floor, glass cutters and yet more liquid nitrogen to get through the glass box holding Scylla, and many instances of the Prison Break Jazz Hands of Ingenuity that we’ve come to know and love.

Things Go Wrong
Some people are having very, very bad days. T-Bag gets all lecherous with TrishAnn, who is inexplicably covering up her assets today. T-Bag theorizes it’s because she’s carrying a gun and is getting ready to bust them all. So Gretchen calls Feng, the Asian Death Fairy, and asks for a favor. Then she calls T-Bag and tell him there’s another potential buyer — meet me at 2412 This-is-in-no-way-a-trap Drive! TrishAnn eavesdrops, calls Self, and meets with him to storm the castle. Hey, guess what! It’s a trap! Feng and his minions are waiting there for them, and Self and TrishAnn are captured.

There are a couple of tense moments in the Scylla infiltration plan. Sucre nearly drops the liquid nitrogen canister, and ends up dangling precariously over the floor. Linc climbs aboard the rig to help pull him back up, which puts worrying stress on the cables. But disaster is averted, and the plan goes forward.

After the bridge is built, Michael is the one to go that last mile. He (of course) has an episode and gets disoriented and woozy, looking like he’s about to fall and/or drop dead. Hey, Michael — remember the bit about no physical or mental stress? That means now. Dork.

Michael recovers and makes it to the cube. He carves through the glass, makes his way to Scylla, has a "touch my monkey! Love it!" moment with it, and then shifts it a bit. That sets off an alarm in the General’s office, and he turns on ScyllaCam and sees Michael. The General and his goons scurry down to Scylla Central. Oh noes! Did Michael make a mistake? Did he forget a security measure? The General seems to think that, but I don’t buy it. It’s all part of the plan!

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends

  • OK, I’m exhausted and sick and therefore susceptible to emotional manipulation, but I will admit that I got a bit teary-eyed at a couple part of the episode. The one that REALLY got me — Sucre praying in the front seat of the car when they prepare to enter Gate. Michel leans over and tells him it will be ok. "I’m not praying for me," Sucre says. No, he’s not, you big galoot — he’s praying for you! Sob!
  • Blame the cold medication for the plethora of nonsensical references. Sorry.
  • T-Bag’s reaction when he sees Gretchen in naughty-schoolgirl garb: "I was born on a mountainside." I have no idea what that means, but the subtext is "Yowza!" Gretchen’s response: "Just keep both hands on the camera."
  • Sucre reminisces about the old days: "Last time I drilled a hole in a wall was with an egg beater back in Fox River with Michael." Yeah, remember when we thought THAT pushed the bounds of reality? Good times!
  • The General, when he discovers Gretchen’s treachery: "I never thought that at the age of 63, I could still have my heart broken." Wah, wah. You’re an evil overlord. Get over it!
  • Poor T-Bag. He has to turn down an opportunity to fleece a bunch of potential investors on a cruise. He complains to Gretchen: "I have a job! I make money! I get mail! People call me sir!" Gretchen replies that office jobs suck, and that T-Bag wouldn’t last long in such a situation. "Yeah, but Cole Pfeiffer will…" T-Bag replies. It’s true — he makes a great salesman of nothing.
  • I could never be a super thief like the Breakouts. I spent the entire time terrified that someone would drop a drill bit or trip over a wrench. God knows I would have!
  • Sarah has a part to play in this plan, and it involves sitting in the sun with a gun in her handbag. I want Sarah’s job. She’s apparently lying in wait for Lisa. What’s she going to do?
Posted by:Sarah Jersild