Robertknepper_prisonbreak_240 It appears to have been a very slow year when it comes to sightings of the European Gold Finch. The EGF — as those in the know call it — is a small passerine bird of the finch family (which makes sense if you think about it) and I would expect for sightings, or at least weird message board postings, to increase dramatically in the weeks to come.

Following in the glorious tradition of Googling "Rory+Gilmore+Sex+Boat," the writers of Prison Break sent viewers scurrying onto the Internet on Monday (Sept. 25) night in search of In the episode, Michael (Wentworth Miller) advises Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) that should they get separated, they can communicate via the message boards on the finch-watching site.

Thus far, nobody’s going to find anything interesting. The uninspired site contains only two threads worth of discussion, neither updated since March. One mentions sitings in the Southwest, while the other includes a very dull FAQ thanks to which I now know that the average life expectancy of the EGF is five to eight years and that they eat seeds and insects. We also discover that they are often kept as cage-birds for their song. Cage-birds, eh? Like our favorite Fox River escapees?

Not surprisingly, is registered to a Webmaster at 20th Century Fox. The site appears to have been created on July 31 and last updated on Sept. 12. Expect the fun to begin soon, although the site currently lacks any mechanism to either register or post, creating mystery around KVFinchlover7475 and Str8tFinchinDMS.

Otherwise, it was an acceptable episode of "Prison Break," even if very little was accomplished. For all of the set-up that had this season mimicking "It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" with the separate prisoners making their own hilarious paths to the buried treasure in Utah, it took exactly six episodes for most of them to be reunited. And not only did they get the band back together, but the ex-cons once again found themselves in jumpsuits digging, which is what they send two-thirds of last season doing. That being said, any episode that featured the return of Haywire and a cameo by the lovely and Oscar nominated Diana Scarwid is fine by me.

If the teaser for next week’s episode is to be believed, they’re killing somebody off, which makes sense given that Prison Break is about to go into solitary for several weeks while FOX attempts to convince the American people that the baseball playoffs are worth watching without the Red Sox, Cubs or Braves.

Any theories on either next week’s inevitable cliffhanger or on the future of

Posted by:Daniel Fienberg