Prison Break
sends half of the Breakouts to Sin City this week, and, just like the slogan says, things stay in Vegas. Doh! Plus, T-bag waxes Faullknerian when he and Michael reunite, Mahone advises Self on how a REAL agent would act, and Gretchen expands her web of eeeeevil. Good stuff!

And you wondered how this spoiler got to be the top salesman in the Northeast region!

Cardholder number five is heading to Vegas, and Self thinks the Breakouts are just trying to hit him up for a free vacation. But there are actual reasons for getting the data there — it would take too long to break into his office or house. But not everyone is going — Bellick gets a call from Trishanne, the busty (and apparently duplicitous) receptionist at T-Bag’s erstwhile company, saying she’s got information on the man himself. Michael, Bellick and Mahone stay in LA to deal with the T-Bag situation while Linc, Sucre, Sarah and Roland head out to the Strip.

Breakouts Team LA
Michael and Co. discover that the meet with Trishanne is, in fact, a trap. Mahone manages to get away, but Bellick and Michael are nabbed. T-Bag forces Michael to decipher the clues in the bird book while Gretchen hides in the shadows — she knows Michael won’t cooperate if he discovers she’s involved. But she is sharp enough to realize that Bellick is wearing that ankle bracelet, and figures out Michael must have one, too. Fortunately, her super spy skills allow her to remove he bracelet without setting it off, so Michael and the rest of the hostages are swooped away. Mahone tracks the bracelets, but the hostages are already gone. Fortunately, Michael leaves a little origami clue for him, pinpointing Gate as a place of interest.

Michael eventually figures out the bird book contains a blueprint. He won’t know exactly where it leads until he can see the building. Gretchen retrieves T-Bag’s office nemesis, forces him to write a resignation letter, and then resigns him from the land of the living. now nothing will stand in the way of T-Bag’s tenure in the corner office! That’s good, because Michael figures out the closet contains a hidden hatch that leads to an underground passage. He gets T-Bag down there, then refuses to help anymore. T-Bag foams at the mouth a bit, but Mahone clocks him and they lock him up. T-Bag tried using his prosthetic hand to get out, but he drops it. Boy, can that man holler. It’s impressive.

Self joins Michael and Mahone at Gate, and the guys consider their next move. Before they can get to far, however, a phone rings. It’s Gretchen. She demands T-bag be released, and says it’s time for them to work together. Michael is not happy.

Breakouts Team Vegas
Linc sidles up next to the cardholder at a blackjack table, but the digital black hole gets flooded with too much information. There’s a reason for that — Roland designed it to read when slot machines were close to a payout. It looks like they’ll have to get the cardholder alone. Sarah tries her feminine wiles on him, but the cardholder isn’t interested. The bartender says she’s not his type… but Sucre is. Sucre protests, Roland mocks, but eventually Sucre has to agree that this is the only way. He makes himself available at the pool, and the cardholder invites him up to his suite to make a bit of easy money. It’s not what we think — the cardholder lost a vital bit of anatomy in ‘Nam, so he recruits studly men to service his busty wife. We’re sure Sucre just lay back and thought of Maricruz the whole time.

That gets the fifth card, but there’s a slight hitch. The Breakouts are stupid enough to let Roland out of their sight, and he immediately starts trying to use his Digital Black Hole at the slot machines. Problem: He’s been banned from Vegas, and casino security catches him. They let him go, but they keep his spiffy card-siphoning device. Uh-oh.

All By Don Self
Self is wigging out because the Death Fairy loomed in his general vicinity He asks Mahone  what he should do. Mahone dearly wants to tell him what he can do… but he restrains himself and eventually tells him to go on the offensive. That’s good, because The General tells the Death Fairy to take out Self and make it look like an accident. But when the Death Fairy is stalking Self’s house, Self is bearding The General in his office. He presents The General with a number of old files that ties The Comrie Group to potential nefarious dealings in the past. Self says he’s mailed the files to five lawyers across the country, and in the event of his death blah blah, you know the story. The General scoffs that he’s been cleared of everything in those files, but Self tells him if a federal agent gets dead and those files are involved, The General will be under such scrutiny that he won’t be able to destroy the economy of Laos, or whatever he has planned. The General offers to hire Self, but Self turns him down.

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends

  • We finally find out a little more about Michael’s nosebleeds. It seems Michael and Linc’s mom had nosebleeds as a kid. They went away and came back when she was in her 30s. The nosebleeds were apparently a sign of a hamartomas (a benign tumor-like mass) in her brain. She died of a aneurysm at 31 — the age Michael is now.
  • I love the T-Bag/Gretchen team. Gretchen is so ridiculously bad-ass that even T-Bag can’t help but be impressed. Plus, there’s the banter: "The last time a pretty little filly knocked me senseless and tied me to a chair, I had to pay for it," T-bag sneers. "You still might," Gretchen replies. After she dismisses the notion that T-Bag got the book as a gift — "The only thing that James Whistler ever gave anybody was the clap" — she carves up T-bag’s arm a bit, and T-Bag pledges his fealty.
  • Was it my imagination, or were Gretchen and T-Bag gazing deeply into each other’s eyes as she garotted his workplace nemesis? That’s some messed-up foreplay right there.
  • Even though T-Bag is on a leash, it doesn’t make him any less rabid. "I want to make you bleed," he tells Michael. ".I want to release the sinner inside of me that got me incarcerated so many years ago." That’s the T-Bag I remember!
  • Self listens to T-Bag’s incoherent howls of protest after he gets locked up: "For a little guy he’s got some set of lungs." Yes, he does.
  • I really thought Mahone was going to hand Self’s ass to him when he asked for help. If only… At least The General was nicely condescending to Self. That counts for something.
  • Michael takes Sarah aside before she leaves for Vegas. "Promise me something," he says, looking deeply into her eyes. "Will you… Can you get me Carrot Top’s autograph? ‘Cause I just think that would make this whole thing worthwhile." Hee!
  • Roland has entirely too much fun goading Sucre over his presumed prostitution. "Take one for the team! Maricruz will never know…. Just play hard to get, and then let him nuzzle a little bit. "
  • I know she’s a murderous bad-girl, but I’m so glad Gretchen has joined forces with Michael and the Breakouts. She, like T-Bag, is just so much fun to watch. However, I’m betting Sarah is not going to deal well with this development… and I can’t blame her.
Posted by:Sarah Jersild