Williamfichtner_prisonbreak_s4_240 The noose tightens around Michael and the Breakouts on “Prison Break” — in part because their enemies are fiendishly unprincipled, and in part because they do manage to make some pretty dumb decisions. Still, we learn more about Christina’s plan, Self’s secret, and Michael’s mom. Bring it on!

Dubious decisions

Remember last week, when the son of the Indian Prime Minister was murdered by Christina’s henchman, and then Linc and Michael stood on the balcony in full view of everyone, watching the carnage? Yeah, that wasn’t terribly bright. They’re spotted, of course, and have to run. Michael decides they can’t go through the crowd, so Linc picks up a handy gun — you know, the one just used to assassinate the son of the Indian Prime Minster — and blows an emergency door open. Yes, I know this is all a frame up and the noose is tightening and all, but do you really have to make the bad guys’ job so easy?

The fiendish plot
We finally find out what Christina’s plan is … kind of. It seems she wanted to foment war between two uneasy neighbors, and she picked India and China. She planted evidence that Linc was in the employ of the Chinese, which is enough to get the Indian Prime Minster interested in buying Christina’s technology and using it to make weapons. Christina also plans to sell the same tech to the Chinese. This will, of course, probably lead to World War III, and we’re all doomed, so I hope Christina plans to burn through her ill-gotten billions in a year or less, before we all get nuked. But perhaps I’m not thinking big-picture enough.

The escape
The brothers determine that the loading dock near the laundry room is the most lightly guarded exit. They just have to get there… which entails running up to the top floor and looking for ventilation shafts. Alas, the cops lock down all the rooms and start gassing the place floor-by-floor, so Michael needs to improvise.  Some Michael MacGuyvering turns a mini fridge, cleaning supplies and toilet paper into a concussion bomb, knocking out the gas-mask-wearing SWAT cops who came after them. Michael and Linc don their gear and slip out. But the head cop has watched TV before, so he figures out the ruse. Too bad the General’s psycho henchman has orders to take the brothers in. Bye bye, intelligent cop!

Self impersonates a Homeland Security Officer to get the scoop on how the cops are going to capture Michael and Linc, which he relays back to them. But his stomping, hollering Homeland Security schmuck routine attracted attention, and when a REAL Homeland Security agent shows up, he calls in to find out Self is theoretically dead. So when the two agents meet in the bowels of the hotel, you know there’s going to be a fight. Self prevails, stabbing the real agent in the heart.

Mahone goes over to the condo to interrogate Christina, who Michael thinks is still tied up. He discovers Sarah instead. She refuses to run away, but agrees to stay at the condo and wait for Michael to come for her.

Bad news
Back at Breakouts United HQ, the General expresses his displeasure by picking a name out of a bowl and ordering that person’s family killed. He picks Self, and we FINALLY figure out who the hottie in the photo was. She’s Self’s wife– but Self doesn’t mention her because he was left crippled and vegetative after Self got in an accident while driving drunk. He wanted to steal Scylla to get her into a decent nursing home. Well, he doesn’t need to worry about it any more — the General’s goons kill her. The General then proposes killing Self, but he jumps off the balcony and into the water. Did the fall kill him? T-Bag investigates the scene and finds no sign of him.

Plan B

Michael figures out that Christina needs to go to a Federal Reserve Signatory bank to check if her money had been deposited. Her henchman brings Scylla along. Michael and LInc know they’ll never get into the bank if they can be identified, but what if they were masked? So they rob the bank, wearing ski masks. Because walking around Miami in a ski mask is very inconspicuous… They retrieve Scylla, which triggers a firefight with all of Christina’s minions. Linc stays behind to shoot it out while Michael and Mahone take off. Christina doesn’t hire marksmen, apparently — Linc is able to casually stroll from pillar to pillar, firing as he goes, and no one even comes close to hitting him. However, he eventually runs out of ammo. Uh-oh.

Michael’s choice
The General decides he wants leverage. T-Bag can provide it– he figured Michael and Mahone discussed where Sarah was, and he checks the last address in Mahone’s GPS to find her address. GPS has foiled more people that way… So the General captures Sarah, and demands the return of Scylla or she dies.

But it’s not over yet, because Christina has captured Linc. She shoots him in the chest, nicking his lung so it will gradually collapse. If Michael doesn’t hand over Scylla and retrieve his brother within five hours, Linc will be dead. Now he has to choose — who will he save?

Other bits

  • T-Bag is in fine form. spouting the colorful colloquialisms that are his wont. My favorite: “You know, once baby brother gets his hands on that magic box of yours, I don’t think it’s going to be too hard for him to trick Magilla Gorilla, if you know what I’m saying.” “No, I don’t, ” the General replies. Heh.
  • Christina is incredulous about her lousy luck: “All the banks in Miami — what are the odds?” Um, not high, Christina. Perhaps there’s more than meets the eye?
  • At the end of the episode, and exhausted Self crawls out of the water, a large hole in the back of his leg. You just can’t get rid of this guy!

Posted by:Sarah Jersild