Robertknepper_prisonbreak_s4_240 Breakouts East and West converge on Miami to throw a wrench in Mama Burrows’ plans on “Prison Break.” Do you think the boys were this much trouble for her when they were growing up?

Breakouts East

When we last saw Linc, he was in a sniper’s crosshairs and Mama Burrows had just given the order to shoot. But those Breakouts are tricksy — he’s actually acting as bait, with Mahone and Self serving as spotters. They see the sniper, there’s a chase, and, after mounting the least effective knife attack of all time, the sniper is hit by a car. The Breakouts pinch his cell phone and repair to BEHQ, where The General calls and blusters and snarks, but Linc fails to mention the salient detail that his mom has Scylla. T-Bag is not amused.

The Breakouts use the sniper’s phone to follow Mama Burrows to the Indian Embassy, where she hopes to make a deal. She’ll give Scylla and its Cavalcade of Scientific Success to the Indians if they’ll present it at a Progressive Energy conference the next day, and then split the profits with her. He eventually agrees. I hope there’s something on Scylla about improving embassy security, because it seems WAY to easy for the Breakouts to break in.

The Breakouts try to stealthily sneak after one of Mama’s Minions, but they’re caught. It looks bad for the Breakouts — will Mama’s Minions kills them then and there? Well, no, because shooting in an embassy is a very bad thing. So the guys try to casually waltz out after the minions. They’re interrupted by a guard — who hands them a note that Mama Burrows dropped, indicating one Vincent Sandinsky will be arriving at 4:30 p.m. Since Mama Burrows told her Indian contact that Sandinsky, a scientist, wouldn’t be a problem, things don’t bode well for the man.

The meeting

Michael texts Linc to ask for a meeting, but Linc isn’t interested. So Mahone goes instead. He tries to convince Breakouts West to join forces with Breakouts East: “You need to trust me. We don’t have to choose between saving our family and taking down the company. We can do both!” Mahone says. Inspiring! Then Michael has to puncture the mood by asking how Mahone proposes to do that. “I’ll know when we get there,” Mahone says. Yeah, that’s not going to cut it. The Breakouts remain broken up.

Breakouts West

The Breakouts West let themselves into vacation condo owned by an old med-school friend of Sara’s. Sara is acting a bit shady — she immediately goes to the bathroom and starts poking through the medicine cabinet. Is she looking for drugs? Nope — a pregnancy test. And yes, by the end of the episode, we learn that it’s positive.

Michael took a slip of paper with a sort of code written on it from the faux cop who hijacked their truck back in Arizona. They figure out it points to a parking garage, which contains a car, which contains a briefcase, which contains a map, a cell phone and a gun. Mama Burrows calls the cell phone. Doh! Confirmation that Mom is bad news! The Breakouts follow the map to a small airport, do a little sleight of hand to rifle through flight manifests, and figure out they’re looking for… Vincent Sandinsky. But so are some of Mama’s Minions. More skullduggery, the plane lands far away from the minions, and Sara is there to intercept Sandinsky. Michael ushers him into a car, and they’re off! Alas, they’re quickly boxed in by minions, who grab Sandinsky. They prepare to kill Michael and Sara — but Mahone shoots the minions with a sniper rifle. Go, Mahone!

Breakouts East retain possession of Sandinsky, while Breakouts West snag his phone. This is problematic: Michael and Sara can see that Sandinsky has had loads of contact with Mama Burrows — they must be working together! He calls Mama Burrows and asks how badly she wants him. Meanwhile, the Breakouts East don’t see that evidence, so they seem to be buying his story that he’s just some poor schmo with no idea what’s going on. They’re on the verge of letting him go. That can’t be good…

You know what else can’t be good? T-Bag decides he’s sick of secrets, and he wants his corner office and business cards again. He calls The General and spills that Mama Burrows has Scylla in Miami. The General immediately makes preparations to visit the Sunshine State. Dun dun dun!

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends

  • While I needed to apply Industrial Strength Suspension of Disbelief to get over the Breakouts being able to waltz into an embassy, it was worth it just to see T-Bag extemporize a rant about he noble elephant and how the country of India mistreats them. He mentions the amount of dung elephants produce. He was producing nearly as much himself.
  • Among T-Bag’s claims: “The elephants, next to the chimps, have the closest DNA sequence to the human beings.” The guard blinks at him — “I don’t think that’s true.” Heh.
  • Did you catch the guy who plays The General in the Cisco networking commercial where all these business folks start disco-dancing? He’s wearing old-school roller skates. It’s bizarre to see him all singed and killing people on the show, them mangling “I Will Survive” during the break. However, he probably would have avoided the whole almost blowing up thing if he HAD stuck with video conferencing…

Posted by:Sarah Jersild