Yzg5ZmMmb2Y9MA== 'Private Practice': Amy Brenneman dishes on Pete's death and the possible final season

Even “Private Practice” star Amy Brenneman needed to be reminded that just because her onscreen husband, Pete (Tim Daly), is dead, doesn’t mean Daly is too. Brenneman tells the ladies of “The View” that Daly reminded her of that fact when she texted him after the “Private Practice” Season 6 premiere.

“I texted Tim and I said ‘America is grieving your death,'” she admits, “and he said ‘Pete is dead. I am alive!'”

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But just because Pete is dead doesn’t mean she worries about the fate of her character. “I’m not really [worried], because then Lucas, our TV son, would be an orphan, and that seems too sad.”

Brenneman is, however, curious about the fate of the show in general. Kate Walsh is definitely leaving after the first 13 episodes, but the show may or may not stick around after that. It depends on “how well we do in the next couple of weeks and how badly the new shows do,” she says with a laugh.

Even though this could be the final season of “Private Practice,” Brenneman says everyone is still having fun with it. “How it has freed up up the writers and freed up Shonda [Rhimes, the show’s creator] is it’s kind of like ‘You know what, let’s do everything we ever want to do because we may not have a chance.'”

“Private Practice’s” 100th episode airs Tuesday, Oct. 2 on ABC.

Posted by:Jean Bentley