tim daly kate walsh private practice 320 'Private Practice': Baby bonding and senior lovingApparently, we are somehow six weeks post-Pete’s fever this week, and Addison’s all fully bonded with Lucas, like a mother. She goes home to them at night, even after making googly eyes at Sam during the day. She and Pete tell each other they love each other, but then Violet comes home.

That’s okay, though, because Vanessa dumps Sam when she asks him if he loves Addison and he doesn’t answer. They all spend the episode working on our Patient of Three Weeks, Kayla.

They even get the help of a new fancy doctor and her “fellow,” one Dr. Shepherd. That’s right, folks: Derek’s little sister is all grown up and doing neurosurgery. She thinks she can do an experimental procedure to bring back Kayla. Addison and Vanessa are united against it, but Eddie wants it, so they go ahead. It works, but Addison has to save the babies, so she lectures Amelia (that’s Little Shepherd) about it anyway. Then she goes home to Pete, which is when Violet shows up.

Meanwhile, Sheldon somehow ends up trying to play matchmaker for Charlotte and Cooper, which is just dumb.

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