Chrislowell_privatepractice_240 Over the river and through the woods we go, and Addison’s brother Archer has come for a visit… and to stir up some trouble with our Oceanside doctors. Charlotte’s secret also comes out, and Pete’s friend Meg is back for a visit too. We’re reaching some storyline arcs tonight, I think.

Addison and Officer Kevin return from a night of go-kart racing to find her front door open. Officer Kevin morphs into policeman mode (with Addison following right behind, yeah, right) to find Addison’s brother Archer and Addison’s neighbor getting it on in the kitchen. Archer Montgomery, an ex-doctor and current famous author, is anti-L.A. and decidedly anti-Officer Kevin.

Archer invites Addison and the doctors to a swanky book party, and during the party, Archer works the room and all of the doctors. Officer Kevin and Archer start in on each other, and Archer says that Addison is a trust fund baby worth millions, who is only "enjoying" Kevin for now. Archer also hooks Sam up with a hottie, and hooks up with Naomi himself. The next morning, after Archer’s walk of shame, Addison asks Archer where he was, hoping that he helped Naomi home before his night of debauchery. Addison’s eyebrows realize what happened before we switch to…

Addison asking Naomi if she slept with her brother. A glowing Naomi jumps up and down over the evening, with Violet jumping up and down with her. Addison, icked out, calls her brother a whore, and her best friend a shade away from one. Yowsa. That evening, Naomi arranges for another booty call with Archer, and Sam finds out. He ends up punching Archer out. Later, Sam apologizes to Naomi about hitting Archer, but Naomi says she’s not going to apologize about her night out. She also tells Sam that he’s free to go on with his life. While handling Archer, he tells Addison that Kevin isn’t right for her. While trying to dismiss his opinion, Addison gets a phone call that Kevin has been hurt. She finds him dying on the emergency room table, and plays backseat driver to the surgeon who ends up saving his life. After he’s out of recovery, he tells Addison that he’s just a cop, who has simple tastes, who isn’t like Addison. She doesn’t want him to quit on them, as a couple. The death knell for this relationship is sounding.

Cooper asks Charlotte to her to move in with him, even though Charlotte hasn’t told Cooper about her new practice upstairs from Oceanside. Even after another ominous visit from Violet, Charlotte still doesn’t say anything, but Charlotte agrees to move in with Cooper. After hearing Cooper’s happy news, Violet tells him about Charlotte’s new practice upstairs. Cooper is understandably mad, but also mad at Violet for not telling him. He storms out of the office, smashing his glass office door in the process. And then that cat is out of the bag for the rest of the practice. Everyone is freaked out, and Addison the Leader says they’re all screwed. In the meantime, Cooper heads upstairs to confront Charlotte. Charlotte uses the business vs. personal argument, and that she couldn’t say anything, but she’s glad Cooper knows the truth now. Cooper, completely whipped, melts. Much like the chocolate frosting Charlotte shows up later wearing as payment for her withholding. However, the next morning, Cooper calls Charlotte on sidetracking the argument, and tells her that not telling him about her new practice was a deal-breaker for him. He walks out on her, leaving her looking shocked.

Addison is treating a patient pregnant with triplets which have a heart problem. Addison wants to do an in-utero heart surgery. The mom, Tess, is convinced that God is punishing them for having IVF. Against Addison’s advice, she and the father want to wait it out to see if everything will be ok – they feel they’ve interfered enough with God’s will to do anymore. The next day, Tess passes out, and is taken to the hospital. She again refuses the surgery again, but Addison corners the dad, and says that God has lots of ways to help people, and that her medicine can be God’s will as well. They decide to go ahead with the surgery, and on the table, Tess crashes, and Addison is unable to continue the surgery. Gregory is mad that Addison can’t do what she promised, and feels compromised for getting his wife to go through with the surgery. Later, one of the babies dies, and Tess begs Addison to move ahead with surgery again, to save the other babies. The second surgery is successful, thank God.

The secondary story involves Violet in court defending Hal Parvis, and ex-client who is being charged with pedophilia. The court mandates Hal see Violet again, but the others at Oceanside, especially Dell (learning more about his past) object to Hal coming in regularly.  Later, Hal shows up for his appointment. He says he knows what he is, and he doesn’t blame the parents in court. He apologizes for it all, and he says getting caught has been good for him. He knows that getting caught will help him get help, because he, too, was abused. He says he doesn’t want the abuse that he inflicts on others to make more abusers. He says that the girls in the pictures he looks at are removed from the girl he knew in real life, Jodi. He says he didn’t want to hurt her; he just wanted to "be" with her, away from others. Violet pushes him that he does want to do more than just talk, but Hal insists that he doesn’t want to do anything wrong. While Violet is meeting with Hal, Maya comes into the office, and happens to meet up with Hal. Everyone goes understandably crazy. Later, Dell tells Violet he can’t handle Hal in the office because of his own past, and his own daughter. Violet confesses her own rape to Dell, and they have a moment of bonding over their pain. Dell says that they’ve turned their own pain into something positive, unlike Hal. That night, Violet makes a difficult phone call, telling the court that she thinks Jodi is in danger from Hal. The next morning, Violet confronts Hal in jail, and she says that no matter how or who put those thoughts in his head, they’re there. She says that her ethical duty is to protect Jodi, and any others, that Hal may have in his thoughts. He breaks down, saying that he hasn’t done anything. Later that day, Dell asks Violet for a name of a therapist so that he, too, can get healthy.

In the end, Addison tells Archer off, saying that no matter who or what she is, Kevin makes her happy for who she is now. She heads over to Naomi’s with a bottle of wine and some chocolate cake, the best best friend move ever.

Thoughts and musings:

  • It looks like Pete’s friend Meg will get some more time next week, which would justify her appearance this week. She has to have something more to do than be in L.A. for Pete.
  • OK, this was a story, sorta, for Violet, but she needs a man. Now.
Posted by:Kiley Thompson