dell dies private practice 'Private Practice': Dell's death knellYou know how this show has been sort of all over the place this season? And yet it’s gone nowhere? Well, that continues right up until the end of the season.

The episode picks up right where the last one ended, with Maya in the hospital and Sam operating on the guy who hit her and Dell’s car. Little Shephard is called in when it looks like Maya has a broken back (she does), Charlotte’s called in from her date with Sheldon. Basically, the gang’s all here.

They have to operate on Maya and the baby, but can’t remove the baby without paralyzing Maya so it’s a complicated procedure involving Addison and Little Shephard (and Fife, who offers up the brilliant suggestion to use hypothermia). While this all happens, Dink shows up, Naomi apologizes to Addison, Sheldon acts insecure, Cooper proposes and Charlotte accepts, Violet shows everyone pictures of Pete and Lucas, and Dell feels bad for what happened but everyone mostly ignores him.

In the end, Dell ends up passed out in the waiting area, and Little Shephard has to rush from surgery on Maya to try to save his life. She doesn’t. Addison saves Maya and the baby though, so there’s good news and bad. Mostly bad, though, because Little Shephard has to tell Addison (tears), then they have to tell everyone else (tears) and Pete tells Betsey (TEARS). She’s going to live with her aunt in Portland (read: gone from this show forever). Then Addison offers Violet to Pete on a silver platter, saying they’ll always be friends but he loves Violet.

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