As the third season of “Private Practice” comes to a close with the knowledge of impending death.

Death isn’t really anything new when it comes to medical shows, but the Thursday, May 13 “Private Practice” promises that it will rock the staff, which means it’s possibly one of their own or a fan favorite.

In the episode titled “The End of a Beautiful Friendship” (a foreboding title for sure), we see that the pregnant Maya (Geffri Maya Hightower) and her unborn baby are at risk on the operating table. Saving one might harm or kill the other. It’s not really much of “the lady or the tiger?” situation, and certainly Dink (Stephen Lunsford) doesn’t think so as you can see from the clip:

This is one of those horribly over-the-top melodramatic scenes. Why is everybody and their dog in the room? Anyway, we kind of love how Dink reacts. “I’m a mathlete!” For all the former mathletes at Zap2it (we know of at least one), we are just as outraged for his impossible situation/decision he’s being asked to solve with a simple pronouncement.

Frankly, we think this could be a red herring. We think the death has to be far more surprising — possibly even poor Dell (Chris Lowell), who doesn’t look like is coming back for Season 4.

Who do you think dies?

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