kadee strickland charlotte 'Private Practice': KaDee Strickland gives behind the scenes details

On Thursday (Nov. 4) night’s episode of “Private Practice” we saw the aftermath of Charlotte’s (KaDee Strickland) brutal assault.

Strickland talked to Zap2it about Charlotte’s decision to hide the rape from everybody besides Addison (Kate Walsh) and the affect it will have on all of the relationships on the show. “Shonda’s [Rhimes, the show’s creator] is not letting this thing go, and I’m very grateful to her because it’s rich and interesting.”

Strickland shared some behind-the-scenes details with us, including the director’s (Allison Liddi-Brown) decision to not let Paul Adelstein see her in make-up (which took about four or five hours) until his character Cooper did for the first time. “Paul was not allowed to see me until we did it on camera. We just didn’t let him see it,” she explains. “When you watch the episode what you see happen to Cooper is as pure as the driven snow. It’s really beautiful. He’s wonderful in it.”

She also discussed the decision to use almost no music throughout the episode. “As a person who read the script, I didn’t need anything to tell me how to feel. Sometimes with art part of the most well-written scripts can be diminished if there’s too much music on top of them,” she says. “It’s very brave to let a show be a lot of people breathing. There’s a lot of silence there. I thought it was really perfect.”

The one song the episode did feature, which played during the opening scene, was Bach’s 1st prelude for piano. “I thought the use of that particular Bach classic that I’ve heard in very different situations was put to the most beautiful use here,” Strickland says. “It’s very haunting. It’s a very jarring song now for me. I’ll probably never hear it and not think of this and that’s not a bad thing.”

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