kate walsh bethenny private practice leaving 'Private Practice': Kate Walsh confirms Season 6 is her lastAlthough there were reports that Kate Walsh was planning on leaving “Private Practice” after Season 6, the actress has finally confirmed that she is, in fact, retiring the character of Addison Montgomery after eight years of playing the doctor on “Grey’s Anatomy” and then her own spinoff.

“This is my last season for ‘Private Practice,'” Walsh confirms on the Wednesday, June 13 episode of “Bethenny.” “It’s been an incredible journey an amazing ride. I’m hugely, hugely grateful.”

Walsh says fans shouldn’t get sad just yet, because her final season on “Private Practice” will not disappoint. “It’s been a long time being Addison. I feel incredibly grateful to Shonda Rhimes and all the fans that have been there from day one to now. I’m really excited about the last season.”

“Private Practice” is returning for at least 13 episodes of Season 6 (more, if ABC decides to extend the order) on Tuesdays at 10 p.m., but will be missing one key cast member. Tim Daly announced that he wasn’t returning to the series. Rhimes explains that the cut was largely due to budgetary concerns. “We need to make sure the show is viable and that we can produce it. I feel as though Tim’s character had a wonderful journey,” she tells TV Guide.

Posted by:Jean Bentley