private practice geffri maya chris lowell audra mcdonald 320 'Private Practice': Pregnancy, pregnancy everywhereMaya’s back and she’s gigantically pregnant and meeting with her midwife, Dell (also back, though sadly not for long, it seems). She’s three weeks from delivery, and everything looks good, so we quickly move on. Oh, and Dell has some news about getting into UCLA Medical School, though he doesn’t know how he’ll afford it, so he’s not telling anyone other than Maya.

Meanwhile, Sam and Addison deal with a pregnant patient and her creepy dad, who they quickly figure out (based on some genetic thing) isn’t her dad. Turns out he kidnapped her fifteen years ago, and she loves him, because he’s all she knows. He runs off right before surgery and then Sam and Addison have a weirdly flirty surgery and post-op before telling the girl everything’s fine with her and her baby and reuniting her with the biological parents she doesn’t remember.

Then they get the call from Dell that Maya decided to have the baby at the hospital and wants Addison to deliver, so they go to meet Dell. As they’re waiting at the ER, an ambulance pulls up with a driver from a car wreck. Sam’s needed to operate, so Addison’s there when the Air Life helicopter brings the “people from the other car.” Dell gets out, walking, with his arm in a sling, and they wheel Maya on a stretcher. It’s not looking good, folks, and next week’s the finale. What is with this show and disturbing pregnancy/birth-related cliffhangers?

In other plots, Cooper spends the whole episode trying to be friends with Violet again so he can tell her he slept with Charlotte …

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