Is tonight’s episode of Private Practice a trick or a treat? Is it a full-sized chocolate bar in your loot bag, or a rock? Or is it something in between?

Spoilers ahead… spooky emotional details! Oooooooo!

Addison faces her baby envy with a patient, Angie, who is lying to her husband about wanting a child. She asks Naomi and Addison to lie, and "blame" their inability to conceive on him… and not on her using birth control. This woman has everything Addison wants — an adoring husband who wants children — and she’s seemingly throwing it all away. However, she reveals that the reason she doesn’t want children is because she fears she is carrying the gene for Huntington’s Disease, and with Addison’s help, she finds out that she is indeed a carrier. She ends up leaving her husband, to save him from the pain of losing a wife and not having the child he so desperately wants. In the end, Addison talks her back, explaining that she needs to tell her husband the truth, and that "a person should get to have a whole life." Addison isn’t feeling whole herself then, we gleam.

Cooper has a young patient, Tess, who says her multiple injuries are just from being clumsy, but the signs point to abuse. Her mother, Marilyn, who suffers from MS, is much loved by Sam, her doctor. Following his gut, Cooper calls Child Protective Services on the basis of her records, including a repeated accident to her arm which looks like someone twisted it, hard. Sam is angry, and defends Marilyn, causing friction between the two doctors. When questioned about it, both Tess and Marilyn insist it’s because Tess is only trying to help her mom keep from falling, and sometimes her arm gets bruised in the process. Even before the hearing, Cooper is second guessing his actions. But in a very revealing moment, Dell actually explains the signs of abuse, because he went through it himself. Just before seeing the judge, Tessa reveals that her mother does indeed hit her, but she’s willing to let her. While on the stand, Cooper explains that no one child should allow themselves to be abused, because it denies them the chance of being a child. Sam realizes he was wrong, and admits his fault to Cooper.

Charlotte is suffering from insomnia, and nothing seems to be working. Sam turns her over to Pete, who does everything he can think of to get her to relax and sleep. Nothing seems to work, until in a brief session with Violet, when we learn Charlotte has intimacy issues — she’s letting no one in. She has a moment of confidential release with Pete, and is able to sleep afterwards — but is back to being the Tiger Lady the moment she wakes up.

All of these storylines, and their emotionally bitter yet revealing centers aren’t rocks or full sized bars, but good satisfying nuggets of character building. Like four or five dark chocolate mini-sized bars.

Other Random Thoughts:

– I liked the episode opener… and the closer… they were both powerful moments for Addison to get the upper hand, and let Pete look like the needy flirt of the pair. It was a good way to empower her, if only a little, and set the balance back to almost even between them. Pete always seems so self-assured, so quietly confident, and he was thrown off a bit in this episode, between Addison’s challenges and Charlotte’s calling him out as taking the easy way out with holistic medicine.
– Prediction: Charlotte, the old version of Addison, is going to be the other part of a triangle with Pete. I love this woman! And Charlotte had a pill problem? Nice that she has a fault besides just being a hard ass in a sea of feel good doctors.
– Pete is The Fun Guy, and not the Deep Family Guy? Not the marrying type? I’ve never pegged him as the Fun Guy. His dead wife and bad marriage didn’t sour him entirely. I think that’s a lot of hot air. And no matter what may happen with Addison, I still think he’s going to be pulled toward nurturing Charlotte instead of Addison.
– Naomi should hit that, and you know what I mean. That’s just what she needs.
– Violet doesn’t want kids and I think that’s a good idea.

What did you think? Did you enjoy this episode as much as I did, or is it just the sugar high talking from raiding my kids’ candy?

Posted by:Kiley Thompson