. Like a high school reunion, everyone dances around each other, posturing and checking their own internal checklists, but when asked point-blank by one of Seattle Grace's doctors if she's happy, Addison can't answer.

Not to start off with a non-Private Practice character, but Meredith got to be in the middle of Addison's Welcome Home to Seattle Party as old friends Derek and Addison, Sam, Naomi, and Mark Sloan gathered around Archer's bedside. With Sam's help, Derek was able to figure out a way to get each of the eight wormy cysts out of Archer's brain. But after the successful surgery, Archer starts complaining of blurred vision and pain, but Derek refuses to do another CT. So Addison goes over Derek's head and gets the Chief to do it. There's a moment that everyone thinks Archer is going to die, which makes him come clean to everyone about the ass he's been, but turns out he's misread his own CT. He's going to be fine. He's going to be with Naomi for the time being too.

Addison then scratches Derek's back by helping diagnose a complication suffered by his aneurysm patient. Addison demands the baby be delivered at 24-weeks to save his life, but Derek overrides her by saying Addison should do an in-utero procedure to repair the baby's heart issue. Derek admits that he nicked the aneurysm, leading to the complication. The procedure is at first a success, but goes wrong. We'll find out what happens next week.

The most interesting part of this two-hour episode of Grey's Private Practice Anatomy was the mutual respect Addison and Derek have for each other. And I mean have, present tense. They may have gone through the messiest of divorces, but they were good together for a while, and as Meredith points out, they had lives and friends. Addison doesn't have that now. She, and most of the doctors at Oceanside, seem to be stuck in some kind of post-adolescent limbo. When she's in Seattle though, like an adult, Addison and Derek are able to laugh about it all, wistfully. And their professional dance was riveting. It looks like that will continue next week when issues come to a head.

When Addison is unable to admit to Karev that she is happy she "walked away" and started over again in L.A., it addresses the Private Practice rollercoaster we're all riding. Addison's walking away is why we're watching, but sometimes, we need a few more glimpses of the fun, happy ending to be sure it's worth it. We know she's worth "The Ring" but we want someone else to see that too.

Other plot points:

– Cooper's patient suffers from postpartum psychosis breakdown due to lack of sleep and admits to pushing her baby underwater in the bath (yet again, motherhood is really, really hard, Violet. Really hard. Scary, scary hard.)

– Violet and Cooper are forced by Pete and Charlotte to see that their relationship is a little too close, and their best-friend selfishness is pushing others out.

Favorite lines… from both episodes… or is it one…

  • "You're an amazing doctor, you save babies. God knows who you are." -Torres, to Addison

  • "I always liked Addison. I don't always like everyone, but I always liked her. She smells nice, she's polite, and she saves babies. So what happened to the brother?" – Bailey, on Addison

  • "Coward." – Derek, to Archer

  • "If she were a guy, she'd be on 20/20 for being pregnant." -Charlotte, on Violet

  • "I am not pathetic. I am a man. I am a man with asthma. So, ha." – Sam

What about you? Are you back to watching Grey's? Did you ever stop? Is this kind of thing fun or annoying?

Posted by:Kiley Thompson