'Private Practice' Season 6 twist: 'Each episode is an entirely new show,' says creator Shonda Rhimes

Private Practice” is changing things up this season. Moving away from the procedural style of the show, Season 6 will be shifting into a new, more personalized type of storytelling.
Zap2it chatted with the show’s cast and creative team about this decision and got some scoop on the new style.
Originally focused on not just the lives and relationships of those working at Seaside Health and Wellness but their medical cases as well, the show’s upcoming season will be dealing more closely with these doctors’ struggles. And as the stories are, after all, about these characters, viewers will get to interact more intimately with their individual favorites through this more character-based storytelling format.
The episodes will shift in perspective and style as creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes explains: 
“It’s not necessarily that each episode will be told from a different point of view, but I would almost say that each episode is an entirely new show with all the same characters in the sense that each episode has its own rhythm and its own look in a lot of ways. Sometimes its tone, sometimes its the way we tell the story.”
Calling all Sam Bennet (Taye Diggs) fans! Rhimes also tells us to expect “an episode devoted entirely to Taye Diggs.”
Here’s what some of the cast had to say about the new season’s story change up:

Benjamin Bratt: “I’m excited with this new direction the writers have chosen in going which is to flip the script a little bit and focus less on the B story — the medical drama aspect of the show — and more on the internal lives of the main characters. I think this is what the fan base really appreciates of the show.”

He continues, “So what that really means for us is a boom as actors in terms of the stuff they’re going to give us. Deeper emotional contact, more humor, perhaps more romance, but with that removed focus, it gives us an opportunity to do what we always yearn to do, which is go to work. When you have great writing, you have the opportunity to be great.”

Amy Brenneman: Oh, I love it. I think that when you’re on a medical procedural or any kind of procedural, it’s very easy to get locked into things. There’s a rhythm to it. We all know it as viewers even if it’s great. There’s an expectation. And it’s a very bold thing to go in the 6th season,”You know what? We’re gonna play,” and to have the network allow us to do that too. If you think of Law and Order, it’s great but the rhythm is in your body. You can tell before the commercial comes. And these guys have just thrown all of that out. 

Brian Benben: “We talked about about the Rashomon effect — from people’s personal perspectives. It’s nice to switch things up, and have things a little different. It’s smart and brave of the writers.”

“Private Practice” Season 6 returns to ABC at 10p.m. on Sept. 25.
Posted by:Teny Akay