The best TV characters (and actors) always have a hook, a charm, a bit that makes them intriguing and magnetic. The best of Addison Montgomery (no Shepherd please) is Kate Walsh’s subtlety. When the subtlety is on, and the Best Eyebrows in TV are employed, the effect on the scene is perfect. Our first introduction to Addison in Grey’s Anatomy was stunning — she was all New York, perfect, biting, and the Eyebrows were on overdrive. She was in control, and offset the always out-of-control Meredith so very well. Even in her worst moments, Addison’s quiet grit, her continual realization that the events she had set in motion were out of her control, were achingly perceptive.

Spoilers from this point forward…

But to use the trendy phrase … seriously? The Private Practice Addison is the kind of woman who would dance around the house naked? Seriously? This Addison would take a job with seemingly no knowledge of what she was getting into? This "world-class neonatal surgeon" wouldn’t know that "midwifery" is a word but she’d use the words "gynie" and "booty" in the same sentence? Thank goodness she wasn’t named chief of surgery at Seattle Grace.

This isn’t the Addison I was hoping for.

Let’s all hope the next episodes find Addison using this move, this opportunity to plant new seeds in a careful garden, to find the best of her subtlety. But I’m a bit of a pessimist, so I’m doubting it. Especially when the hooks and charms of the supporting cast of unprofessional doctors aren’t absorbing, but really scary.

Oh, but Cooper the pediatrician/sex and internet addict scares me AND grosses me out. Even more than sperm foraging from a philandering stroke victim, dead by masturbation, and the disjointed scene of Moon (no Unit) Zappa reliving the loss of a child to a brain tumor. But less than the completely unrealistic birth scene. And that’s saying a good bit.

But it was nice to see Moon.

Posted by:Kiley Thompson