Katewalsh_privatepractice_240 Lots of love going around Private Practice this week. Not just sex, even. And with lots of sweet, sweet love comes lots of gigantic, throbbing trust issues.   

Addison is looking to get it on with Officer Kevin, but he ruins the mood by saying those three little dangerous words, "I love you." And while out with the boys at a bar, Cooper pulls the ultimate pickup score by taking Charlotte home… which both scared and impressed Sam and Pete mightily since they still didn’t know C & C are an item.

The next morning, Addison approaches Naomi (who finally says they’re back to normal – that was anti-climactic) to talk over the three-little-words moment. Naomi points out that she’s freaking out because Addison has trust issues, and Addison says it’s something wrong with Kevin… who would say the three-little-words so soon?  Pete and Sam bust in with news of Cooper’s hookup, leaving the rest of the practice freaking out, except for Violet who gets rushed by Naomi. In a kind of crazy Password gameshow stream of consciousness moment, Naomi realizes that Cooper is actually dating Charlotte. At that moment, Cooper walks in. Good morning Coop! Cooper gets weirded out that everyone knows, because that makes it "real." Violet tells him that "real" is a good thing.

Addison is treating Laura, and her husband Daniel, a workaholic. They come in to find the gender of their baby (a girl), but the ultrasound shows that there could be a genetic problem, and more tests are needed. While the tests are being run, Addison sees another patient, Amy, and Daniel. Yes, the same Daniel. Not really a workaholic… a bigamist! And the wives don’t know! After Addison found the genetic issue with Laura’s baby, Daniel got Amy (Wife #1, also pregnant) to come in to have an ultrasound done as well. Addison is justifiably angry, but does the ultrasound for Amy’s sake, not Daniel’s. Amy’s baby doesn’t have the same issue, however. Later, Addison, Cooper, and Pete sit down with Laura Wife #2, and break the news that the test show the baby does indeed have the genetic issue, and that the child will have many health problems. They tell her half of the parents who find out about this specific kind of abnormality decide to terminate the pregnancy. Laura leaves in tears, saying she needs her husband there to help her. Addison is really disgusted by Daniel, but Pete has some compassion for the situation – something Addison is blind to. He tells Addison that she can’t say a word to either Amy or Laura or he’ll turn her in to the AMA. She agrees not to say a word, but instead schedules both women at the same time later that day. She puts them in the same room under the guise of a "scheduling mistake." Within seconds, Amy leaves in tears. Pete tells Addison she had no right to do what she did, and then Daniel bursts in. He’s obviously upset, but Addison pointedly insists that cheating ruins lives. Daniels instead says that he isn’t the person who ruined lives today.

That night, after Addison tells Officer Kevin about Daniel and his wives, Kevin asks her if she wants to talk about what happened the night before. Addison plays it coyly cool, and when Kevin turns to leave, she picks up his phone and sees that he has five missed calls from "Leslie." She goes a little psycho and actually follows Kevin back to the station. She then gets mixed up in a his SWAT mission of the evening, and gets herself arrested. Before the arresting officer can haul her in, Kevin arrives, with his jaw on the ground. He confronts her about her spying, and says that "Leslie" is his partner, the cop, in fact, who arrested Addison. He wants to know why she’s looking for ways not to trust him. Before she can explain anything, he tells her to go.

The next morning, Pete calls Addison in to his office – he’s brought Amy and Laura back in to discuss the situation. Pete wants them to find a way together. Laura is willing, but Amy isn’t, but before she can leave, her water breaks. She ends up delivering, screaming "I hate him", but holding Laura’s hand throughout. Afterwards, the wives decide to join forces. Daniel shows up moments later, and Pete drags him out, insisting that the best way to take care of both women at that moment is to leave.

Tayediggs_privatepractice_240 Sam is seeing an elderly woman, Frances, a woman with Alzheimer’s, and Henry, her husband (played by Lando Calrissian HIMSELF Billy Dee Williams). Frances mistakes Naomi for her departed sister, and Naomi uses that mistake to make sure the lady takes her medication. Henry is having health issues as well, and the stress of taking care of Frances isn’t helping. Sam tries to get him to consider placing Frances in a home, but Henry refuses. Later, Frances has an accident that puts her in the hospital. She ends up with an awful head bump, and Henry’s blood pressure is sky-high. While going through Frances’ records, Naomi finds some discrepancies with her tests. She doesn’t think Frances has Alzheimer’s, but some fluid on the brain. She presses Sam to do a spinal tap to relieve the symptoms, and make her lucid long enough to talk with Henry about her condition. Henry agrees to do the procedure, but Sam doesn’t see it as necessary. In fact, right after the spinal tap, and some insistence on Naomi’s part, Frances wakes up, lucid as can be. She knows she’s sick, but that Henry needs the help. She makes him promise to visit her every day, and let her go when the time comes. 

The secondary storyline involves the noise in the practice. The new tenants in the upstairs suite are jackhammering and sawing all the live long day. Violet is incredibly disturbed by it, but Addison blows off the noise as "good for business." Violet says she’s going to find out who’s behind all the noise. She heads upstairs to find Charlotte, her evil nemesis. She tells Violet that she’s opening a medical practice, and Violet insists that she tell Cooper. Later that day, Cooper tells Violet that he’s sorry he didn’t tell her about Charlotte sooner, and Violet walks out, upset that Charlotte still hasn’t spoken with Cooper. The next day, Violet confronts Charlotte – that the relationship is getting real, and so Charlotte is trying to sabotage the relationship before it goes any further. Charlotte throws it back that Violet isn’t half the shrink she thinks she is. Violet stomps out, saying she’s going to tell Cooper about Charlotte’s new practice. She gets blindsided by Cooper before she can, though, as he promises her that no matter what happens with he and Charlotte, he’s always going to be there for her. She lets go of the anger, and doesn’t say anything.

In the end, Officer Kevin comes back to Addison for an explanation. She tells him about her own cheating past, that she was scared about the three-little-words, and she sincerely freaked out, but she hopes he stays around. They end up snuggling.

Thoughts and musings…

  • Yeah, Officer Kevin needs a new t-shirt. Get the man a wardrobe budget, people.
  • Naomi and Sam need to give it a rest. I thought we were done with this storyline. Let Naomi make a big girl clean break, and don’t make her mopey about Sam trolling the bars. On the flip side, don’t make Sam mopey over old couples.
  • What more can I say about Dell? I’m going to have to start a fanclub, or try and get people saying "Oh My Dell" or something. Seriously. He’s the only adult around here it seems, and pushing Addison into giving him an office and a space of his own, no matter what for, was great. The fact that he’s a dad makes him even more interesting (although I can’t believe even Naomi didn’t know that fact about him.) He’s going to end up owning Oceanside one day. Shonda, just please don’t make his daughter a mascot.

What about you? Man, I wish I had myself a Colt 45 watching this episode. Billy Dee Williams!

Posted by:Kiley Thompson