private-practice-hires-caterina-scorsone-abc.jpgWe know that “Private Practice’s” Addison Montgomery and “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Derek Shepherd have quite the sordid past full of marriage issues, tawdry affairs and splits, but now ABC is adding a new twist: a family crossover.

ABC has confirmed to Zap2it that Caterina Scorsone is joining “Private Practice” as its newest hire, Dr. Amelia Shepherd, Derek’s younger sister.

“Today is her first day on the set,” Lesa Kirk, Scorsone’s rep at Open Entertainment, tells Zap2it. “She’s very excited about the character and thrilled to be part of such an incredible cast and network.”

Last year, she filmed a pilot for ABC called “Ny-Lon,” but the network didn’t pick it up. Yet, according to her rep, she has remained on ABC’s radar appearing in an episode of “Castle” and now this high profile casting.

The Canadian actress is best-known for her starring role in Lifetime’s supernatural FBI series “1-800-Missing” in which she played Jess Mastriani, a special agent with the sixth sense for tracking down missing people. She also played the lead in Syfy’s re-imagined miniseries “Alice.”

Scorsone can also be seen in the recently released Mel Gibson film, “Edge of Darkness.”

Are you excited to see if the gorgeous young Shepherd can shake things up over at Oceanside Wellness?

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