kadee strickland pp 'Private Practice's' KaDee Strickland opens up about working with RAINNWhen Zap2it spoke with “Private Practice” star KaDee Strickland about Thursday’s (Nov. 4) episode, which deals with the aftermath of her character Charlotte’s  violent rape, she told us, “The telling of this is for people to get help.”

]]>Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN). “You’re talking about people who have really dedicated their lives to allowing people to get themselves put back together.” In order to portray and research how a person handles the aftermath of the type of assault her character experiences, Strickland turned to the organization for guidance. “They put me in contact with a couple of survivors that I worked very closely with.” She still keeps in touch with the survivors she met and considers them great friends. “They’re tremendous women. I still when I think about it I can’t believe these two women are where they are now.” To honor the organization’s progress, Strickland will be co-hosting an event with RAINN in Washington D.C. on Thursday, Nov. 18. “We’re going to do some fund-raising and I’m going to meet some of these amazing people who have made my work possible this season.” Strickland plans to work closely with RAINN for a long time to come. “It’s a gift for me to know that my relationship to this is always gonna be there. It’s not going anywhere for me and to met these incredible people that are changing peoples lives — literally every two minutes someone gets attacked,” says Strickland. “When you think about how many people come through a day that need help that do come forward, that’s a lot of people whose lives are being touched by the RAINN organization and I’m just so grateful to them.” For more information on and to learn how to donate to RAINN, call 1-800-656-HOPE.

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