Previously on Privileged, much exposition was expositioned, high horses were gotten on and off of, and your humble recapper continued to have a genuinely difficult time spelling the title of this show.

We begin where we left off, mid-Palm Beach soiree, with Megan Smith (not Brown! Thanks, commenter Jordan!) navigating the swells with Laurel Limoges, who truly appears to have taken a genuine liking to Megan. She talks her up to assorted hoity-toity types, pausing only to note the cleavage-rearranging of Megan’s white-trash (and, to Laurel, unbeknownst) sister Lily. Megan lies and tells Laurel she doesn’t know Lily, and runs off to check on the twins. She finds Rose sobbing into Sage’s cleavage, having seen her ex at the ball with "that hag Fiona." Megan quickly removes the martinis from both girls’ hands and attempts to send Rose off to tell her ex Max how she feels; the girls, rightfully, rebuff her. Cater-waiter-buddy Charlie approaches, and Megan grabs him for help in removing Lily from the premises, while the twins plan their Max strategery in the ladies’. Of course, this planning involves creating a faux boyfriend for Rose, which is going to go swimmingly, I’m sure.

Meanwhile, hot-neighbor will attempts to remove the, ah, adult cigarette from Lily’s lips outside while Megan attempts to wrangle her sister and attract her would-be beau simultaneously. They create a small scene in front of a very disappointed Laurel (at least I think she’s disappointed – this might be a good time for Anne Archer to let her face relax a bit before proceeding.) Laurel immediately begins to snub Megan in front of bold-faced names including a "high-school senior" named Delilah who is apparently being portrayed this evening by an actress in her mid-thirties. I mean, she’s clearly older than Joanna Garcia. Sage sends Rose off to cry  in from of Max the Ex while Charlie attempts to send Lily away from the party, reminding her that he’s "done stuff for her." Ooh, I hope it’s sexy stuff. Sage concocts an elaborate plan somehow involving Charlie, and Rose, and Max, and jealousy, and you’ve seen it all before. Marco and Megan strategize over her helping the "high-school senior" with her college entrance essays while she’s supposed to be helping the twins with their book reports. But I’m sure there will be more on that later.

The next morning, Les Anges is beautiful, and Megan wakes the twins, only to find Delilah at the door and Lily on her phone asking for Will’s phone number. The twins fret over the fact that Max has yet to call Rose, and Rose wonders whether Megan’s honesty-is-best policy would have been the right way to go. Sage decides that she and Rose need to take a field trip despite the fact that it’s "Driver’s day off." Driver??? Nice try, Sage, but I served with Karen Walker; I knew Karen Walker; Karen Walker was a friend of mine. And you, little girl, are no Karen Walker. The twins escape while Will wanders in to flirt with Megan, and Laurel criticizes Megan’s focus on the twins.

Sage drives Rose to the Crab Shack to find Charlie; Sage takes a picture of Charlie and Rose hugging and sends it out on Gossip-Girl-esque blast to everyone she’s ever met. Meanwhile, Delilah (who is beautiful, btw) asks Megan what she’s doing tutoring socialites in Palm Beach. The two women have a discussion that
I think might be vaguely feminist? I’m kind of excited by that, to be honest with you. Of course, Rose calls Megan at this moment to inform her that they’ve crashed Megan’s Jaguar and may – may – be getting arrested. Marco drives Megan to pick up the girls, and they’re all in tewwible twuuble, but Rose cries for the male cop and they get off. Remember that feminist thing I just said? Kindly ignore it. Megan climbs back up on her Huffy bike to castigate Charlie, to whom she reveals that she’s crushing on Will. Charlie makes a sad face, and Laurel texts Megan to meet her in her office immediately.

Laurel is really just looking to congratulate Megan on her interaction with Delilah, but Megan spills the beans on the almost-arrest. Laurel gets upset, and Megan explains that she feels that Laurel doesn’t truly know her. The women bond, and Megan asks Laurel for an interview – the opportunity to earn this job. Max skulks around the Les Anges foyer, and attempts to woo Rose back. She squeals and launches herself into his arms, then into Sage’s. Later, Megan confronts Sage: she knows that Sage dislikes Max, and wonders why she worked so hard to get Rose back into a bad relationship. Sage tells Megan that her treatment of Lily just made everyone at the party feel sorry for Lily. Megan leaves a message for her sister in front of a bad green screen, watching a couple kiss on the beach. Oh, and you’ll never believe this, but that couple is Lily and Will.

Ok, this episode was more even than last week’s, but still I feel like there’s a middle ground this show needs to find. But it’s finding its footing. Thoughts?

Posted by:Jordan Hudson