Just like 90210, this past Tuesday I ended up with an hour of election coverage instead of Privileged. The CW is a little slow in posting their videos, but it’s finally up and here I am with your recap! Previously, the twins are going to be the new face for Limoge Comestics, Megan revealed to Marco that she’s a writer, and Charlie bailed on Megan’s dinner with her dad.

Sage gets a call from Patricia Kingston, a publicist who is friends with Nigel Barker. Nice ANTM reference, CW. Maybe there could be a crossover episode. Sage tells Rose they are having lunch with Patty Kingston and Rose balks because of a history test the next day. Megan’s delight is thinly veiled at Rose’s good decision making and Sage says she’ll go alone. She sits down to email Kingston and discovers Megan’s folder marked "Laurel Limoges Bio."

Sage blackmails Megan into signing her permission slip for the Kingston lunch by telling her grandmother about Megan’s biography project. Megan runs off to tell Laurel before she can see Sage’s email including Megan’s notes. Marco heads her off and wants to hear the story, then reveals that Laurel is stuck in Tokyo and will probably read the email on her blackberry.

Kingston lunch. Sage has to tell Patricia that Rose isn’t coming and Patricia says this is about branding. "The Olsens, the Hiltons." She needs the Baker Twins together.

Will convinces Megan that her book is going to be amazing and that he can help her frame it properly. Laurel gets back from Tokyo and wants to see Megan.

Laurel objects to finding out via Sagemail and then wants to know why Megan didn’t ask her first. Megan says she needed to have research and a plan to back up her idea before asking Laurel. Laurel likes her "creative spirit" and "breezy prose" ("I’mmmm breezy!" "You can’t say you’re breezy, that totally negates the breezy!"). Megan is delighted that Laurel says they can move ahead with the book.

Charlie has dinner with Mandy and tells her they should just walk away. She’s cool about it, but does ask what is going on with him and Megan. He reveals that he’s 100%, prime-time in LUV with Megan. Mandy says that since he’s been in love with her for 6 years, but hasn’t been around her for 5, maybe he’s not actually in love with her and more in love with the idea and the convenience of pining for someone. Mandy rules.

Sage tells Rose what happened with Kingston and tells her that this is the real deal. She needs Rose completely on-board and not half-assed. She tells Rose that this is their chance and she can always bail out later and go to college then.

Megan and Laurel meet about the book. Laurel immediately changes things all around and takes over, saying she brought in a well-known biography writer. She then snatches up Megan’s laptop and deletes her work so far, saying she’ll start from scratch. Yikes.

Megan laments to Will about Laurel’s overbearing nature, but he assures her that having Laurel on-board is fantastic and that it’s Laurel’s story to tell. Megan then compares herself to e.e. cummings, but Will tells her to suck it up and compromise and that he has faith in her abilities.

Rose comes to Charlie for advice about school and modeling and whatnot. He advises her to focus on herself and take Sage out of the equation. He likens it to growing up so close with Megan and then feeling abandoned when Megan got into Yale and left him. He tells her at least she’s thinking about what she wants to do with her life.

Limoge Manse the next day. Megan plugs in her USB and decides to write the biography her way. Charlie finally calls her, waking her up in front of the computer. He asks to see her in person after his shift. She says okay and logs on to her computer to a new email.

Rose asks Sage that if she agrees to sign on with Patricia, how will she still get into Duke? Sage goes off on Rose about worshipping Megan and her plans for school. Rose throws back that all Sage cares about is her career, screw everybody else. Rose knows that Kingston won’t take Sage alone and she only wants Rose to get her contract.

Megan tells Will that she dug a little deeper about Laurel for her "my way" version of the biography, but instead she found out something bad about Laurel. She won’t tell him what it is, but she says she has to be honest with Laurel about what she found.

Megan meets with Charlie and he tells her that she was right about him pushing her away. Part of it is because she makes him feel bad about himself. She went to Yale, worked in NYC, now works in Palm Beach and she’s together. Meanwhile he’s still waiting tables. He wishes he hadn’t dropped out of college and says he’s thinking about going back to finish. He apologizes for taking out his stress on her.

Elsewhere, Sage gives Rose a make-up present and says she’s scared too about separating from her sister, but that this contract is what she wants. Sage says she feels like Rose chooses Megan over her nowadays and they have their big sappy twin moment. Awww. Do they share a Fiat Spyder and have friends named Enid and Lila? Sage convinces Rose to sign with Kingston, but agrees that they won’t accept jobs that interfere with school and Duke stuff.

Crab shack. Mandy polishes a surfboard in a teeny bikini top and a skirt. Wow! Charlie invites her to go surfing. Awww.

Laurel’s study. Megan confesses what she found out, which is that Carolyn was born only 7 months after Robert returned from Vietnam. Laurel wants to know what Megan wants from her, but Megan doesn’t want anything. Laurel gets incredibly icey and says that Megan is sticking around because she holds all the cards now. She wants to see how honorable Megan really is.

Ending montage. The twins sign with Patricia Kingston, Charlie and Mandy make out on the beach, and Megan puts away her notes on Laurel.

Not a bad episode, but I find it hard to believe that NO ONE in the history of EVERYTHING had ever made the connection about Carolyn’s birth date and when Robert returned from Vietnam. What do you guys think? Am I the only one who finds that hard to believe?

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