Last week on Privileged, Will took a chance on Megan, Rose revealed a shockingly lovely singing voice, and resentment began to simmer when Sage realized that her sister was beginning to outshine her. But how will Megan and Laurel react when they learn that Rose’s burgeoning fame has cost her a passing Lit grade?

Megan primps for breakfast, assured that she will see Will in her kitchen as usual. I’m too focused on those gorgeous brioches to notice her over-emphatic lip gloss. Will approaches in tennis whites, and Megan kills everything, as usual, by 1. overthinking and overtalking and 2. wearing purple taffeta at breakfast. Megan wants Will to be her automatic boyfriend, and he automatically starts to look like maybe she’s strangling him a little bit. They kiss again, and she flutters around, but is immediately convinced that she needs to book other dates to make him jealous. The twins get their final exams back, and Rose has gotten a D to Sage’s B+. Charlie and Mandy roll over in bed to Megan’s call, and Mandy makes a really strange face when Megan asks her to set her up with any available men. Mandy offers to set her up with Antoine, a coworker at the Crab Shack.

Laurel smiles at a picture of Megan and her father, then stammers a little about the fact that she needs to talk about her past with Megan, since she’s the only one who knows. Miles Franklin is the name of the twins’ real grandfather: Laurel’s old boss when her husband Richard went missing during the war. Miles never knew that Laurel was pregnant, and Richard never knew that Carolyn wasn’t his daughter. Later, Megan quizzes the girls about their American history, but Rose gets defensive when she doesn’t know any of the answers. She lies to Megan and says that she hasn’t gotten her test results back yet. The next morning, Will appears dressed for a job interview, and asking Megan out for dinner tonight. Marco chides Megan for attempting to play the field. Rose tries to steal something out of Sage’s wallet and sneaks out early to buy the answers to the history test. She explains to Sage that if she doesn’t pass the rest of her finals, she’ll be held back a year.

Megan is thrilled when Laurel asks her to resume writing her biography, but I think Laurel’s just trying to make her do legwork to find out where good old Miles is there days. At dinner, Megan and Will cute at each other about his job interview earlier that day. The next morning, Sage steals Rose’s cheat sheet while Rose showers, and Megan admits to Laurel that she’s been searching the obituaries for word of Miles. Megan gets flustered when she learns that Will has another date tonight, and she makes plans with him for Thursday despite her date with Antoine. At the Crab Shack, Megan runs into Lily and Lily’s boyfriend Sammy, who you can tell is bad news due to his flannel shirt. She talks to Mandy about rescheduling with Antoine, and sees Antoine from afar, and Antoine is adorable. Mandy’s response is awesome: essentially, why cancel and sit at home if you might like Antoine more than Will?

Sage and Rose battle over the test, and Sage gives Rose a present: a handmade purse embroidered with the answers to the test. (Both twins, by the way, showing a masterful application of eye makeup in this episode. They should give Serena van der Woodsen lessons.) Megan calls Lily, concerned that she is back with bad-news-Sammy. Lily says that she and Sammy are cut from the same cloth, and therefore meant to be together. At the Crab Shack, Mandy is upset that her landlord is raising her rent, and more upset that Charlie pays more attention to Megan than her. Will drops by, and Megan tells him that she likes him to much to casually date him. She essentially dumps him because she feels like he is not ready to date her exclusively, then is interrupted by a phone call from Rose’s English teacher, revealing Rose’s D on the final. She confronts Rose, who stammers a lot as Megan tells her how disappointed she is. Megan tells Sage that she is afraid of costing Megan her job if she fails in school. Laurel is thrilled when Megan tells her that she’s found Miles living in Santa Barbara, and it becomes clear that Laurel doesn’t want the "biography" going any farther than this. Reading in bed, Megan threatens Will with a conch shell when he climbs up on her balcony to woo her. He tells her that he doesn’t want to date anyone else. They have "the talk" and decide to date exclusively.

Charlie is surprised when Mandy shows up at his apartment the next morning to apologize; he presents her with the "weird idea" that she move in with him. Megan catches Laurel sneaking out to go to Santa Barbara, and is thrilled to realize that Laurel has played her. Ha. That’s adorable. She walks into the kitchen and interrupts Will to exhort Rose to focus on nailing the history exam. This means, of course, that Rose is not going to use the answers; Sage begs Megan to help take some of the pressure of Rose, and Will is trying to get Megan’s attention, but Megan knows that something is wrong with her girls. She runs upstairs and finds the cheat sheet. She tries to run out the door, and Will stops her to tell her that he got a job in Brazil for six months. Megan is floored, but focuses on stopping Rose from ruining her life by cheating on the test. She gets there just in time to see Rose beginning her test, with her purse on her desk.

To be continued! Um, two weeks from yesterday.

I like the way that Megan is growing up in regards to the twins, but I’m getting really tired of the constant roadblocks the writers are throwing up in front of Will and Megan’s relationship. What do you think?

Posted by:Jordan Hudson