On last week’s Privileged, Megan fended off suitors left and right, Rose struggled with her schoolwork, and Sage…well, Sage was Sage. But there were yachts! And daytime sequins!

Megan quizzes Rose with flashcards, only to be interrupted when the spoils of the girls’ online shopping sprees arrive. Megan is shocked to find porn amongst Rose’s DVD purchases, and even more shocked to learn that Rose feels that she needs to hone her….hmmm. Well. Rose’s boyfriend Max’s previous girlfriend Fiona was, apparently, the village Shopvac. And Rose is worried about her….yikes. Technique? Moving on! Megan tries to have "the talk" with Rose only to learn that the talk is a little too late: Rose uses condoms, is on the Pill, and has had her HPV vaccine. (And if any ladies reading this aren’t or haven’t done all three, please…I know it’s not the most traditional medium, perhaps, but it’s a very important message.) Megan takes the porn and flees. Will appears as per usual for brunch, and Marco chides him for dating Lily and pining over Megan.

Sage swoops in to whine about Megan monopolizing her sister, and Marco tells her to get to know Megan better. Megan, studying up rapidly on the pornographication of the female in 21st century America, or something, is distracted by a phone call from Jacob confirming their fourth date tonight. Later, Sage walks into a hair salon only to get mauled by Token Tiny Gay Leslie Jordan; however, she’s looking for his employee, Lily. Megan asks Marco for wardrobe advice for her "sex date", and Charlie walks in to make his patented sad face. She asks Charlie for advice on how to talk to Rose about the porn issue, and he regales her with a story about how she had a rep for being frigid in high school.

Lily braids Sage’s hair while Sage attempts to pump her for information about Megan; Lily makes a happy hour date (with a sixteen year old?!) for the next day. Megan, getting tense about her reputation for being tense, ruins her date with Jacob. The next morning, Megan brushes up on her own… technique… and Rose bounds in and asks if they can watch the film together. Megan tells Rose she feels like Rose shouldn’t have sexual issues at this age, and Rose (understandably) feels like Megan is calling her a slut, which she more or less is, and this is a really big issue for a show to tackle on its fourth episode, right?

Megan runs into Will and they ramble at each other before she is interrupted by a call from Jacob, canceling their next date. At their happy hour date, Lily busts Sage over her overt attempt to get dirt on Megan, but offers up her shoulder to cry on if Sage ever needs to vent. That evening, Max arrives for the date with Rose that Rose has been…brushing up for. Megan confronts Max about how he truly feels about Rose, but she arrives and interrupts their chat. Later, Megan frets to Marco about her inability to get through to Rose and about her loss of Jacob; this all comes down to her inability to stop Lily from becoming sexually active st the age of 14. Sage, ditching a drunken Lily at a dive bar, gets mugged and calls Rose from a pay phone. Megan calls Lily to try to mend fences, and Lily reveals that she bought Sage a drink. Max attempts to stop Rose from going to rescue her sister, and Rose suddenly realizes that Max is really just trying to use her. Late that night, Rose and Sage return home with ice cream to find a panicked Megan; Sage, proud at her bravery in dealing with the attempted mugging, and Rose, proud at her bravery in dumping Max.

The next morning, Megan apologizes to Rose for her clumsy handling of the porn situation, and Rose reveals that Sage is still a virgin. Rose says that she feels like since she’s had sex once, she doesn’t need to look for it to be special anymore. Megan tries to explain the importance of self-respect in making any sort of sexual decision, and Rose may or may not quite hear her. Will decides to continue sowing his wild oats, and Megan confides in Charlie about her failure with Jacob. However, Jacob calls just as Charlie is getting ready to reveal to Megan how he feels about her. Megan rushes to Jacob’s apartment, frigidity forgotten. And a PSA from Joanna Garcia tells teenaged girls to avoid pregnancy and to visit stayteen.org.

Well. After the totally failed attempt at a feminist message two weeks ago, I felt that this was – yes, maybe a little heavy-handed – but a really great issue for a show clearly aimed at tween and teen girls to present in a really responsible way. Thoughts?

Posted by:Jordan Hudson