Over the weekend, a report — more specifically, a "consumer and market intelligence research summary" on Amy Poehler's "Parks and Recreation" sitcom pilot — landed in the hands of Deadline Hollywood Daily's Nikki Finke, who blogged this morning that, based on the March 18th document, there are "problems galore" with the pilot's rough cut. 

Chief among the reported concerns is that it is too similar to "The Office" ("Parks and Rec" is written and produced by "The Office"'s Greg Daniels and Michael Schur), that none of the male characters are likable (or, more importantly, datable… perhaps John Krasinski can do a crossover appearance) and that the pacing is slow.

My feeling on this? Big deal.

I mean, sure "Parks and Recreation" is scheduled to premiere on April 9th, which may be right around the corner, but it's also three weeks after this report was delivered… plenty of time for the proper adjustments and tweaks to be made. I, along with legions of passionate "Office" fans, have faith in Daniels and Schur based on all the Thursday night laughs they've provided in the past. Plus, I've read the pilot script and it's legitimately funny (I LOL'd… and I don't use the term "LOL" unless I must).

Furthermore, Amy Poehler can do anything… yeah, I'm a fan girl, but the woman rapped on live television as Sarah Palin while eight months pregnant — and killed it — come on! 

So, to all the NBC suits who are probably freaking out about the report's leakage right now, relax. Take comfort today in the "all press is good press" adage. No doubt even the naysayers will be tuning in April 9th to see what's up.

Who else agrees?

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh