tvpartyw110.jpgIf you’ve ever taken a stapler or masking tape to the hem of a dress or looked at an old T-shirt and thought to yourself that it would make an awesome tunic with a little tweaking, you are probably under the misconception that you should be on Project Runway, airing Thursdays on Lifetime. This season Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia are back in the Big Apple and back to circling the wagons around Parsons and Mood. So if you love freakishly pretty Germans telling people “auf,” while effeminate boys with asymmetrical haircuts cry over tulle, call your friends; we’re throwing a Project Runway party!

Setting the scene:
As much as we’d like to set this party in either a scale replica of Mood Fabrics or the models’ changing room, we can’t afford either mountains of fabric or the hourly rates of professional models, so we are decorating as the sewing room. That means we need multiple tables and multiple sewing machines. And yes, we’ll still need fabric so guests can create inspirational garments that will set the world on fire. Think wrap dresses or turtleneck dickies. You should also have a selection of patterns available just in case your guests don’t know their inseams from their buttonholes. Another fun idea is to buy a few shirts or pants from Wal-Mart or Target, take them apart and ask guests to remake them. Hang sketches of dresses and designer styles or paper dolls. Add a L’Oreal Paris hair care corner with plenty of product. Have a movable rack with a few avant-garde styles hanging for would-be models to try on.

Anything that looks as if it was made by a junior high student with hand tremors in the dark with little more than a fishing hook and twine.

On the menu:
We thought about calling Michael Kors and asking what his favorite dish is, but then we realized he feasts on the lifeless dreams of hapless young designers. So go German to honor Klum: spaetzle and sausage with sauerbraten and schnitzel.

On the hi-fi:
From the “You learn something new every day” file, there is a Project Runway soundtrack from composer Harold Barefoot Sanders III, which features such classics as Fishnet and Rushed.

The showstopper:
Models on a runway won’t make this party over the top, but a past winner in attendance will. Why not give season one winner Jay McCarroll a shout and hire him to come and be snarky about this season’s competition?

Posted by:Michael Korb