“Project Runway” Season 9 kicks off Thursday (July 28) night and we already have some of our early favorites. 

project runway watch kimberly 'Project Runway' season 9 premiere: 3 designers to watch

Kimberly Goldson from Brooklyn, N.Y.  She says her customer is a woman who is
“urban but likes to be glammed up.” The yellow trousers in her audition collection are
to die for. 

Why she’s a standout: Her clothes are fun and she knows exactly who she is designing for. We hope she stays true to her esthetic, because we love it.

project runway watch anya 'Project Runway' season 9 premiere: 3 designers to watch

Anya Ayoung-Chee a former Miss Trinidad and
Tobago. She designed all her own clothes for the Miss Universe Pageant.  Though she admits she only learned to
sew to be on the show. Heidi likes her enough to give her a chance. Tim, on the
other hand, is horrified.

Why she’s a standout: Simple: raw talent. She learned to sew for the show and she doesn’t miss a beat. Hopefully she’ll be able to keep up, because we like her.

project runway watch bert 'Project Runway' season 9 premiere: 3 designers to watch

Burt Keeter: he’s 102 years old. It’s true. He
says so himself.  He looks great
for his age! OK, maybe he was joking about that part. However, he is the oldest designer in the competition. He is also the most experienced having designed for Halston before leaving the fashion industry almost 20 years ago.

Why he’s a standout: We feel for him. He is re-entering the fashion industry and he’s has to compete against young talent, but that doesn’t mean he can’t keep up.

Will our early faves make it to fashion week? Watch and find out.

Posted by:Jen Blushi