projectrunway6 girlstrio finale1 video 'Project Runway 6' finale Part I: Fashion Week prepWill Irina, Carol Hannah or Althea be “in” or “out”?

The first part of the all-ladies “Project Runway 6” finale airs Thursday, Nov. 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

As in seasons past, the first part gives us a little more insight into each of the finalists — their families, unique living conditions (remember Christian Siriano’s tiny place?), and Tim Gunn’s intial impressions of their collection.

We’re pretty excited to see what each of the women will pick for their main theme. Irina has been solid with her construction and overall design aesthetic, but we’d like to see her really push her creativity. Althea has been hit or miss with her creative efforts, but at least she tries. And Carol Hannah produces some great gowns and has potential to pull something truly creative from the mind behind those heavily mascara’d lashes.

Check out the promo for the finale, Part I:

Who do you favor?

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