gordana gehlhausen project runway all stars 'Project Runway All Stars': Gordana Gehlhausen on the difficulties of designing for Miss PiggyWhen Gordana Gehlhausen got the axe on “Project Runway All Stars” Jan. 19, she was actually a little relieved. It’s not that she wasn’t enjoying herself, it’s that she was actually quite sick.

“The second episode I had to take so many breaks and get oxygen and stuff,” Gehlhausen tells Zap2it on a conference call with reporters after her elimination. “I was almost relieved to get out, I think, because I wasn’t feeling good. I think you can see it on my face.”

Don’t get Gehlhausen wrong — she was pleased to be back on the show, and obviously wanted to make it all the way to Fashion week. “I wanted to return because I felt in my season I was a little bit robbed [due to the tension between Bravo and Lifetime],” she says.

She was hoping to make it further than she did, but Gehlhausen says she’s gained plenty of confidence between her first and second stints on “Project Runway.” She’s also impressed with the caliber of her competitors. “It’s nice to be put together with such talented people,” she says.

Gehlhausen, who’s opening another boutique in Los Angeles, says that designing for someone like Miss Piggy wasn’t any different than designing for any other client. Besides, she wasn’t really familiar with Miss Piggy because she didn’t have the Muppets growing up in Yugoslavia.

“In this situation it was pretty much like being judged by a client. She
told me that she did like my dress, it was just not appropriate for what
she needed it for,” Gehlhausen says.

Although perhaps she could’ve tweaked her design after her meeting with Joanna Coles, Gehlhausen says that she could only change so much. “You can change a little bit, but I only had that fabric and I liked that for my design. I didn’t want to change anything. I knew where I was going.”

Besides, plenty of people still loved the dress. “I have gotten so many comments through my website and Facebook already having people asking me to make the dress for them. Obviously it didn’t work for Miss Piggy … but there are a lot of other people who want me to make it for them.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley