zanna roberts ross project runway all stars season 4 lifetime 'Project Runway All Stars' Season 4 has a Grand Central premiere

Do contestants on “Project Runway: All Stars” remember nothing from their original seasons? Thursday’s (Oct. 30) premiere is filled with blunders and miscalculations at every turn. No matter their results the first time around, designers returning to the competition for “All Stars” make easy mistakes that compromise their designs right off the bat. 

There are people that can’t work well in a team, people who leave their fabric at Mood (double check your bags!) and people (ahem, Kate Pankoke) who don’t take input from their team members about questionably designs. 

Such easy missteps to avoid, and yet they still come back to bite the designers on the runway. Patricia’s darts are iffy from the front and horrendous in a profile view, which is such an easily avoidable flaw in a simplistic garment. Alyssa Milano is absolutely right to call Michelle out on her car fabric-like fabric choice. Luckily for the losing team they aren’t going up against Heidi or Nina, otherwise the critiques would be much less tame than the ones they ultimately receive. 

The premiere isn’t all questionable taste and poor designs though. Of the two gender-divided teams the girls have some great looks and the boys blow the competition out of the water. It is difficult to remember the aesthetics and talent of each and every designer from their original season, especially if comparing the Bravo seasons to the more recent Lifetime ones which are operating under different budget restrictions and time constraints. 
Nonetheless, the boys team comes out stronger than most of them were during their first swing at things. Fabio’s winning jumpsuit look is an outfit made with taste and restraint and deserves the win, but the other two top looks could have taken the win with nigh a quibble. Even the bottom looks are mostly made well, with the exception of Patricia’s losing frock. The collective showing of both teams instills promise moving forward and a feeling that every designer has matured in their taste if not quite their sewing skills. 
What did you think of the premiere? Which designer do you hope will win? Watch the designers choose their fabrics for the challenge below, and let us know in the comments. 
Posted by:Whitney McIntosh