project runway elena baby challenge 'Project Runway' baby challenge is the most annoying episode everIf you force a group of professional clothing designers make outfits for babies, that’s probably gimmicky enough to fill an episode of television. But “Project Runway” took it one step further, and gave the Season 10 contestants mechanical babies to bother them while they worked. Because nothing says “world-famous fashion designer” like a junior year health class project.

And nothing says “fun television” like the incessant fake crying of fake infants on a program you’re trying to watch for your own enjoyment. (In case you couldn’t tell, we found this episode HORRIBLE. What did you think?)

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As far as the competition goes, the designers were definitely challenged by having to make such tiny, kid-friendly clothing, and adding in the mother’s look — which shouldn’t be a surprise, there’s been ten seasons of this show — didn’t help for time management.

Melissa had a heck of a time putting together her looks, but shockingly the judges didn’t hate them — just her fabric choices. Fabio, Dmitry, Christopher and Sonjia all got positive reviews from the judges. Interestingly, although Elena didn’t spend most of the episode complaining, she’s the one whose outfit the judges wound up sending home.

It was pretty surprising, considering both of Melissa’s looks were sloppy, but the adorableness of the jacket kept her in another week.

Although Sonjia had by far the cutest baby look, she ended up sharing the winning title with Christopher. Both designers will have their looks produced as part of Heidi Klum’s baby line, sold at a Babies R Us near you.

What did you think of the episode? Are you surprised Elena went home instead of Melissa? Did Christopher and Sonia deserve to win?

Posted by:Jean Bentley