Christina+Aguilera+PR.jpgTonight, “Project Runway” welcomed both Bob Mackie and Christina Aguilera, challenging the designers to create something over the top glamorous for an A-list songstress.

Don’t set the bar too high, or anything. Really, this challenge just sort of escapes me. It’s Bob freaking Mackie. No one can do it better. No one can even really come close. So, I feel like we are being set up for disappointment. Nicolas is the only designer who seems confident, though Irinia is her usual condescending and judgmental self. I have to say Nicolas bothered me much less this episode, in part because of his obvious joy over getting to meet his idol in Mackie…but also because he points out what a complete b*tch Irinia is. Irinia just continues to snide her way through the hour, mentioning that she doesn’t think Shirin even qualifies as a designer and whining that she dislikes Carol Hannah.

Althea – I have to say that this week really shows that she does know how to dress a woman’s body after all. I had my doubts after some of the misfit and bunching shirts and jackets she sent down the runway in earlier weeks. But this is not only cut well, but the juxtaposed likes of shimmery sequins and the backside of the fabric creating an interesting sort of striped pattern is just as complimentary to the model’s shape. The over long train, however, would clearly cause a performer troubles.

Logan – It isn’t terrible, but it is way understated for being Mackie inspired. The fur shrug is also clearly a mistake, especially when paired with the animal print of the shimmery shift. As Christina says, is comes across as a bit “cave woman”. But the big this is that it just isn’t enough. It isn’t short enough, long enough, colorful enough, accented enough, edgy enough or eye catching enough.

Shirin – Well. It’s got good movement. The fit isn’t awful. But something about the straps up top remind me of Demi Moore’s dress in Indecent Proposal. And the skirt is just a mismatched mess of competing fabrics that don’t work well together. It’s not sophisticated. It’s Carmen Miranda as a vampire. And it is clearly bottom three material.

Christopher – I have no idea what he was thinking. The cover up thing is a misshapen blob of flat matte black with odd buttons for accent – which are weak at best. And when the cover up comes off the big reveal is…a cheap looking knock off of Christina’s outfit from the Lady Marmalade video. Silver sequined hot pants paired with a poorly constructed black and red bustier with a clear lack of boning. It’s awful.

Nicolas – It’s clearly the closest in conception to something Christina would and feasibly could wear while performing. But it isn’t quite the show stopping sort of look it needs to be. Part of the problem is that it is entirely white. Which makes it tread an edge that is dangerously close to ice skating costume in my eyes. Nicolas had mentioned at the top of the hour using an ombre and I dearly wish he had.

Gordana – It’s simply the worst thing she’s ever put down the runway, so thank goodness she has immunity. It’s lumpy, bumpy, there is something very strange and disturbing occurring on the model’s breasts and it is dowdy. How one goes about making sequins and beading look dowdy, I have no idea. But there you go.

Irinia – She is the poster child for the phrase “ugly on the inside”. And I can’t say I have cared much for her designs. They are always well crafted and perfectly fit, but I also find them cliche and rote. Tonight was no different. Her dress basically looked like a standard lingerie nightie. With sequins. In navy. *yawn*

Carol Hannah – For being one of the designers who was nervous about the challenge, she handled it beautifully. There is nothing there that is for shock or over the top sexuality, but there is an unmistakable sensuality to the completing textures. It makes for a very glamorous sort of gown that is eye catching and surprising in just the right ways.

For me, it came down to Carol Hannah and Nicolas. I figured Nicolas would take it, because his outfit seemed most ready for a stage performance, but they gave it to Carol Hannah -which I appreciated, because it was the dress I personally liked more outside the parameters of the challenge. The bottom two was also clearly Chistopher and Shirin – and I expected it would be Christopher to go. Yet again, I am wrong, however. I dearly hope we don’t have to listen to Irinia gloat endlessly next week over Shirin being auf’d.

Posted by:Jessica Paff