project runway rockettes heidi klum tim gunn 'Project Runway' costumes the Rockettes in Radio City Music Hall challengeGunnar didn’t seem like a troublemaker on “Project Runway,” but for some reason the show’s vibe has completely changed since his exit. This week, the designers made brand new costumes for the Rockettes to wear as they high kick at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, and although they were as stressed as ever, they seemed to be happier and kinder.

None of the remaining contestants specialize in making costumes a la Chris March, so this was going to be difficult. While some people stumbled (Sonjia was at such a loss that she sewed feather fringe into a skirt and called it a day), others kicked so much butt (Dmitry and Christopher) that the episode barely focused on them.

In fact, it was more of a competition to see who would go home rather than who would win and have their designs grace the dancers. Elena was the only one who hadn’t won a challenge before so she was under a lot of pressure, and the episode focused mainly on her crazy, high school marching band/figure skating costume and Melissa’s ambitious patchwork #1 dress, along with Sonjia’s aimlessness.

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But as stressed as everyone was — Tim even granted them a bonus trip to Mood, for goodness sake — they also seemed to joke around a lot more, and didn’t hesitate to help each other out. Christopher gave Melissa his extra $50 on the second Mood trip, and he and Ven, Fabio and Sonjia all helped her sew.

Dmitry and Christopher had the best designs by far, but it was clear that Christopher’s gorgeous New York City skyline outfit would win. If those two don’t make it to the finale it’ll be an outrage.

On the bottom, though, were Sonjia, Elena and Ven, who didn’t really struggle in the challenge (and remained pretty upbeat and non-douchey throughout, to be honest) but ended up making a dress so boring that the judges didn’t even have anything to say about it.

The extra effort by Elena was noticed, and the judges sent Ven home. After being on the bottom the week before it couldn’t have been a complete surprise for the sometimes cocky designer, but he seemed to take the news well. He didn’t have any bad words for the judges or anyone else, and accepted his defeat with grace. Although he had plenty of early potential, he’d started to fizzle out in recent weeks.

What did you think of the Rockettes challenge? Did the right designer go home? And did the right one win? Also, wasn’t Debra Messing the best guest judge Season 10 has seen so far?

Posted by:Jean Bentley